Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On the move

I think I'm finally caught up!
We are docked at Henderson Wharf Marina, in Fells Point, in Baltimore, MA. We have a storm moving through, with severe thunderstorm warnings out, and it has been blowing 25 to 30, and raining on and off all day. The cold front is about an hour away, and it is going to really blow as it passes through.
Because of the weather, it has given me a chance to catch up on my blog, and us a chance to do a little cleaning.
The storm just rolled through, and it blew at 59.3 MPH. The boat ahead of us lost its bimini top, and as I look out, I see some others flapping in the wind. Some people had things out on the dock that are no longer there, there is a sailboat adrift, and I'm sure there is other damage, but we were prepared, and everything is OK with September Song.
Back to the blog. We left Sandy Hook anchorage to a beautiful, calm, Atlantic, and made our way to Atlantic City, NJ, where we anchored again for the night. Atlantic City is a beautiful sight with all the lights at night. From there, we  headed out into another calm day on the Atlantic, and made our way to Lewes Beach, DE, and anchored out again for the night. The next morning we cruised Delaware Bay. Delaware Bay can be real nasty, but it was calm the whole way to Delaware City. We have been so lucky with the weather! Not too long after we got tied up at the Delaware City Marina, a DeFever 45 RPH pulled in ahead of us. We had never met Jim and Kathy "JimKat" before, but they knew a lot of our cruising friends. (Lifes2Short, Maya, Aurora, and others)  It's a small world out on the water! That evening, we had cocktails on September Song, and went into town for dinner together. What a fun time we had, and I'm sure we will meet up again.
JimKat was headed North, and we are headed south, so we said "until the next time" the next morning, and headed into the C&D Canal for the Chesapeake.
It was great to be back in the Chesapeake, our playground for three summers, and our first stop was a beautiful little cove on the Sassafras River. After we anchored, it was time to catch some blue crabs for dinner. I wasn't disappointed.
The trees are starting to take on their fall colors here, so after a couple of weeks playing in the Chesapeake, and waiting for Joe and Julia "Sea Pearl" to catch up, we will keep pushing South before the butter gets too hard to spread.
YA! All caught up.

September Song (love the Chesapeake) out

The trees are starting to take on their fall colors, so it will soon be time to head South. 

Beautiful day for a sail on the Delaware Bay.

A couple pieces of string, a little chicken, and Voila, crabs for dinner.

Aren't they beautiful?
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A beautiful sunrise on flat calm water, as we left our Lewes Beach anchorage. 

Delaware City Marina. What a fun town.

Dinner with Jim and Kathy at Crabby Dicks.

JimKat, docked behind September Song. I said they came in and docked ahead of us, and they did, but because of the current, and the narrow channel (this was the old C&D Canal in the early 1900's) We turned our boats around during slack tide so we would be pointed out.
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Sunrise over Sandy Hook, as we headed out into a calm Atlantic.

This military cargo plane came straight at us at about two hundred feet off the water, waved his wings at us, and pulled up just as he came over us. I wish I could have gotten a picture of it coming at us, but I was frozen in my chair. We have had small planes and copters buzz us before, but not one like this. I did get a picture of it after it flew over us.

It doesn't get any calmer on the Atlantic. What a beautiful cruise! This is one of those times I wish you all could be out there with us, just to see how beautiful it is. Fish, birds, dolphins, and that's England to our port.

Did I mention, it's fly season.
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Back down the Hudson

I told you in my blog "Up the Hudson" I mentioned that there was another reason I was glad we made the decision to go up the Hudson. We left our anchorage, and headed back through the beauty of the Hudson, and through lower Manhattan, we passed the New World Trade Center and Memorial on 9/11, at 11:00, eleven years after the attack. Way cool! As we left lower Manhattan, we cruised by the Statue of Liberty one last time, made a stop to take on some fuel, and headed to Sandy Hook to anchor for the night.
Goodbye New York. You were great!

September Song (9/11, may we never forget) out

The Bear Mountain Bridge. It looks like it goes right into the mountain.

The train to NY, entering a tunnel in the mountain.

View of New York City, as we come back down the Hudson.

The space shuttle is under that gray bubble on the back of the aircraft carrier.
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Tons of Coast Guard and police boats around lower Manhattan on 9/11.

Lower Manhattan.

The new World Trade Center and Memorial on 9/11, at 11:00, eleven years after the attack.

One last look at the grand Lady, as we leave New York Harbor.
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Up the Hudson River

We left New Rochelle, and our great cruising friends there, but because of Hurricane Leslie sending six to eight foot seas to the East coast, and our next leg had to be on the Atlantic, we decided to do a little exploring on the Hudson River. As we came down the East River, we made a starboard turn into the Hudson as we rounded lower Manhattan. WOW, what a beautiful river. Cliffs, mountains, and lush green hillsides were on both sides of the river as we headed up. We spent two nights a Half Moon Bay Marina, in the town of Croton-On-Hudson. From there, we cruised farther up the Hudson to United States Military Academy - West Point, did a 180, and headed half way back to New York, and spent a quiet evening at anchor surrounded by the beauty of the Hudson. I'm so glad we decided to go up the Hudson. Not only because of the seas, but because it was such a beautiful side trip.
Another good reason, you will read in my next blog.

September Song (When you get a lemon!) out

The Bear Mountain Bridge, as we head up the Hudson. I told you it was beautiful!

A railroad bridge across a pass.

The trains that run into NY, run along the shores of the Hudson.

Beautiful homes tucked in the sides of the mountains.
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The hotel at West Point.

West Point.

Homes on the cliffs just South of West Point.

More of West Point.
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Beautiful cliffs, hills, and mountains along the river.
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On one side of one of the athletic buildings it says "Beat Air Force". On the other side it says "Beat Navy".
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Sunday, September 16, 2012

New York, New York!

We are at our first anchorage on the Chesapeake, in a beautiful little cove on the Sassafras River. I thought it would be a good time this morning, while Stephanie watches her Sunday morning programs, to do a little more catch up on the blog.
I left you last at our fun holiday weekend at Lloyd Harbor. From Lloyd Harbor, we cruised back to Joe's Yacht Club. The next four days were spent with Joe and Julia in New York City. What a great four days! We hit some of the well known places, like the Empire State Building, the new World Trade Center and memorial, Central Park, and so many of Joe and Julia's favorite places tourists never see, and the delicious, and fun restaurants, OMG, they were so good, and meeting all the people in the city that know them. I tried to capture our tour of New York with Joe and Julia, but it's impossible to do it justice. Some of their old haunts they took us to, I didn't feel comfortable doing the tourist thing with the camera, so there are a lot of pictures of their old haunts that I don't have pictures of. Sorry!
What a great time we had with them in New York, and we can't thank them enough for the best tour ever. We will never forget it!

September Song (thanks Joe and Julia) out

The streets of NY.

So many people!

Julia took us to the Empire State Building, while Joe went to the dentist to get a tooth worked on. I think we had more fun than he did!

At one time, it was the tallest building in the world.
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