Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Back down the Hudson

I told you in my blog "Up the Hudson" I mentioned that there was another reason I was glad we made the decision to go up the Hudson. We left our anchorage, and headed back through the beauty of the Hudson, and through lower Manhattan, we passed the New World Trade Center and Memorial on 9/11, at 11:00, eleven years after the attack. Way cool! As we left lower Manhattan, we cruised by the Statue of Liberty one last time, made a stop to take on some fuel, and headed to Sandy Hook to anchor for the night.
Goodbye New York. You were great!

September Song (9/11, may we never forget) out

The Bear Mountain Bridge. It looks like it goes right into the mountain.

The train to NY, entering a tunnel in the mountain.

View of New York City, as we come back down the Hudson.

The space shuttle is under that gray bubble on the back of the aircraft carrier.
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