Sunday, September 16, 2012

New York, New York!

We are at our first anchorage on the Chesapeake, in a beautiful little cove on the Sassafras River. I thought it would be a good time this morning, while Stephanie watches her Sunday morning programs, to do a little more catch up on the blog.
I left you last at our fun holiday weekend at Lloyd Harbor. From Lloyd Harbor, we cruised back to Joe's Yacht Club. The next four days were spent with Joe and Julia in New York City. What a great four days! We hit some of the well known places, like the Empire State Building, the new World Trade Center and memorial, Central Park, and so many of Joe and Julia's favorite places tourists never see, and the delicious, and fun restaurants, OMG, they were so good, and meeting all the people in the city that know them. I tried to capture our tour of New York with Joe and Julia, but it's impossible to do it justice. Some of their old haunts they took us to, I didn't feel comfortable doing the tourist thing with the camera, so there are a lot of pictures of their old haunts that I don't have pictures of. Sorry!
What a great time we had with them in New York, and we can't thank them enough for the best tour ever. We will never forget it!

September Song (thanks Joe and Julia) out

The streets of NY.

So many people!

Julia took us to the Empire State Building, while Joe went to the dentist to get a tooth worked on. I think we had more fun than he did!

At one time, it was the tallest building in the world.
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