Thursday, June 21, 2012

Whatcha doin'??

No, it's not Wheel of Fortune. Yes, that's a category, but this is what we have been doing for the last thirty two and one half hours.
We left Charleston Tuesday morning at 06:00, and traveled from Charleston SC, to Beaufort (bofort) NC out in the Atlantic. It was a beautiful, clear, calm day on the ocean, and it stayed that way the whole time we were out.
We are on auto pilot the whole time, so it's just a matter of one of us being on watch, and most of the time both of us are on the fly bridge,  along with Cassie and Godiva, watching for other boats and ships, watching the birds, dolphin, flying fish, other fish feeding on the surface, listening to music, doing engine room checks, and just enjoying a beautiful day on the water.
Nighttime is another story. After sunset, things go totally dark, and the only things we see are the plotter, radar, and all the other instruments. Because there was no moon, and no other lights, I turn off the running lights, step outside, and the stars look like you could reach out and touch them. Years ago, when we did this for the first time, it was a little unnerving when the sun went down, it went totally dark, and we couldn't see anything but the instruments. After the initial shock of being in total darkness, we settled in, and it was another new experience in our cruising life.
Through the night, we take turns on watch. We don't set a schedule, and it just seems to work out.
Thirty-two and a half hours, and 247 nautical miles, we arrived at our marina.

September Song (call us crazy) out

Our view as we headed into the Atlantic from Charleston on a calm, clear, beautiful day.

It just doesn't get any better than this on the Atlantic.

Sunset, as we push forward into the dark for the next nine hours. Still calm.

This is what we see when there is no moon. It really gets dark out here, but still calm.
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We move down to the pilot house late in the evening. September Song has KVH satellite TV, so we can watch TV while under way. Helps pass the time.

A view of the plotter, radar, and other instruments we watch to keep us safe.

Watched three hours of Seinfeld episodes. Love that show!

Wake up Bob!!!!! Just kidding. Self portrait.
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Not to worry, I have five hours of energy. Drank one of these at 00:30, and I was good to go until Stephanie took over.

A little 03:00 snack. I snuck down to the galley for a piece of carrot cake.

Godiva, helping keep watch. She's just resting her eyes.

Cassie, passed out under Mom's helm chair.
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Checking on Ethel and Mildred, our John Deere 300's, and all the other systems in the engine room. I do an engine room check every couple of hours while under way. Don't want to have any problems when we are out this far. Got to keep my family safe. Nothing runs like a Deere!
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Monday, June 18, 2012


We have spent the last week in Charleston, SC, one of our favorite stops. What a beautiful city, with tons of great restaurants, fun bars, and a neat city just to walk around, and enjoy its southern charm. The weather has been perfect, with cool nights, and warm, clear days. It's about time!
Our last day here, we drove to Savannah for our dentist appointments, Picked up some last minute provisions, returned the rental car, played with the girls a last time here in the park at the marina, and tomorrow morning, we will put the pointy end North at first light, head out into the Atlantic, and do a 27 hour, 200 mile leg to Beaufort, NC. The forecast looks good! We'll see.

September Song (we love Charleston!) out

"Mom and Dad, how about we walk into town and get some ice cream"

"Oh YA, we love Ben and Jerry's"

"Me too!"
That would be the four of us!
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Those of you who know Cassie know she loves to fish, and could care less about a ball. Well, she now has a toy she loves. It's a football that squeaks.

Godiva, with her old standby.

Waiting patiently for play time in the park.
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While we were in Charleston, we got a chance to drive to Morgan Creek Grill, and enjoy a night with our good friend, and musician, Bil Krauss. It was extra special, because Bil's wife, Elizabeth, was there also.

It was great to see you and Elizabeth. Hope to see you in the fall on our way south, and this winter in Key Weird.
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Fathers Day, Stephanie took me to one of my favorite waterside restaurants, Red's Ice House.

Thanks my love!

Our view from our table. This water way is always a zoo on the weekends.

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Our marina has a great view of the channel. Ir's fun to watch all the different ships go by.
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The water front is a great place for a long walk. The fountains are open to the kids to play in.


The oak tree covered walk along the water front.
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Walking the city.

Beautiful Charleston style homes.
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