Monday, June 18, 2012


We have spent the last week in Charleston, SC, one of our favorite stops. What a beautiful city, with tons of great restaurants, fun bars, and a neat city just to walk around, and enjoy its southern charm. The weather has been perfect, with cool nights, and warm, clear days. It's about time!
Our last day here, we drove to Savannah for our dentist appointments, Picked up some last minute provisions, returned the rental car, played with the girls a last time here in the park at the marina, and tomorrow morning, we will put the pointy end North at first light, head out into the Atlantic, and do a 27 hour, 200 mile leg to Beaufort, NC. The forecast looks good! We'll see.

September Song (we love Charleston!) out

"Mom and Dad, how about we walk into town and get some ice cream"

"Oh YA, we love Ben and Jerry's"

"Me too!"
That would be the four of us!
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