Saturday, August 1, 2009

The view from Gypsies' lens

Great pictures Doug and Tammy! Thanks

Me and Stephanie walking the flight path of the Wright brothers first four flights

Me and Doug at the top of the lighthouse. Scary!

Me and Doug coming down.

Stephanie!!!!! Come get me
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Cool place to get a cold one and dinner.

Happy hour on September Song

Ready to chow down on a low country boil
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Exploring the creeks

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Dinner at Coinjock's. Good looking group! I know, it's a matter of opinion

Mr. piggy with his prime rib

Turning pennies into the size of quarters

Doug and I look like two monkeys in the zoo
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Bridges of the ICW

We love bridges. NOT!

Locking through Great Bridge

Cassie and Godiva swimming off the back of September Song
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Above and below the water, then Boogaloo

The highlight of the Maritime Museum and Aquarium was going on the USS Wisconsin. The big guns you see in the picture shoot a shell that weighs the same as a Volkswagen and has a range of 26 miles. The ship is still in reserve, so it is still ready if called to action. What a thrill it was! There was so much to see and read in the Museum that after a while you go into history overload. At that point it was time to go Bayou Boogaloo. The Festival opened at noon, so we went over for a late Cajun lunch and a tour of the festival. After lunch, it was time to chill out on the boat and get ready for an evening of food, fun, and Cajun music. We went back to the festival in the evening, had a Cajun dinner (beignets after) and Boogaloo'd to three different bands.We had a great day and night, and looking forward to the Festival again today.

September Song (Boogalooing) out

Graduation day for some young Sea Cadets on the Wisconsin. They all look so young

View of the Wisconsin from the bow. Now those are some big guns

100 tons of chain and anchor. Now that's an anchor!

Looking through the periscope at the Wisconsin. Don't push the red fire button!
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Great place for hands on stuff for kids. Hey kid! It's my turn

Neptune paid us a visit

Stephanie and Tammy ready to Boogaloo

Great Cajun music all day and night
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Cajun food of every kind

Nice crab hat

Some prefer the traditional corn dog and fries over Cajun

Bayou Boogaloo
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Friday, July 31, 2009

Walking tour of Norfolk

We put on our walking shoes yesterday and did a walking tour of Norfolk. What a great way to see and learn about the historic parts of the city. Tammy was our tour guide (no, she didn't carry a flag) and read from the tour guide book. Great job Tammy. Sorry this is so short, but it's time to take a shower and head for the Maritime Museum and the aquarium.

September Song (rushed for time) out

September Song and Gypsies docked at Nauticus Marina

The markers in the sidewalks marking the self-guided walking tour of the city called the Cannonball Trail

The Battleship Wisconsin at the Maritime Museum which we are going to today.
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The residential streets of Norfolk

Can you see the ghosts in the window?

A gift from Taiwan to the City of Norfolk. Brings back memories of when we were there
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Unbelievable detail on the buildings

No, this isn't another church. It was a church at one time, but now it's a bar and restaurant. We had to stop for a cold one. Saving thirsty souls 16 oz at a time.

Beautiful old homes on our walking tour
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