Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Anchored out

We have been anchored out on a beautiful creek off Mobjack Bay for the last three days. When I last blogged, we were anchored on the Corrotoman. We left the Corrotoman, went into the city docks in Urbanna for one day, (had to have an old fashioned root beer float at the old drug store soda fountain) went back out to our anchorage on the Corrotoman for a couple more days, then cruised about 50 miles to the anchorage we are in off Mobjack Bay. While we were back on the Corrotoman, good cruising friends Steen and Trudy Baerentz(Shenanigans) invited us over to their new home, about a mile from our anchorage, for the afternoon and dinner. What a beautiful home in the hills on eight wooded acres on the Corrotoman. They still own Shenanigans and will cruise from time to time, but Trudy wanted a place for a garden. We told them they should just buy a barge to tow behind their boat for Trudy's garden, but she wanted ground that didn't move. (Maybe Virginia isn't a great choice! Remember the earthquake?) Thanks guys for a great time and a wonderful dinner. It was so good to see you again. hope to see you in Florida this winter.
While we have been anchored out, we have been enjoying the quiet beauty, taking naps, playing with the girls at the beach, exploring, and catching jumbo blue crabs.
We needed to rest and relax for a few days before putting the pointy end South and playing our way down the coast to the Keys.We probably won't have much time to anchor for days at a time like we do here on the Chesapeake until we are in the Islands this coming spring.
We will leave our anchorage tomorrow morning and cruise to Hampton, VA, where we will meet up with Joe and Julia on Sea Pearl. (let the party begin!) They left New York last week and have been steaming our way. Jay and Nancy (Serendipity) are traveling in their land yacht for the summer and will meet us there also. (now the party can really begin!!) We left Stephen and Pam on Tides In in Washington two weeks ago and they will be catching up with us also. (we hope they make it in time) After a three day kick off party in Hampton, the three boats will put the pointy ends South, (Keys here we come) and like all snow birds, (it is going to be in the 40's here Sunday morning) we will flock together, and "get the flock out of here" before the snow flies and the butter gets too hard to spread.

September Song (ready to play our way South) out

Footprints in the sand. The one on the left is Godiva's. That was a big bird on the right!

Godiva, Taking her daily roll in the sand at the beach.

A dog and her best friend.

Those of you who know Cassie know she loves to hunt fish. Well, she hasn't given up yet. Make sure your volume is on.
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Enjoying the afternoon with Steen and Trudy on their screen porch at their beautiful home nestled in the woods.

What a great dinner we had. These are the pork loins Steen prepared perfectly on the grill. Notice the flags. Steen is from Denmark. Steen said these are Denmark pork loins.

Thanks guys, we had a great time catching up.
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Do you ever wish you could fly like a bird for a day?

The New Point Comfort lighthouse at the mouth of Mobjack Bay.
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That is what they call a jumbo Chesapeake blue crab. He was blue before he was steamed. How's the water Bob? Bob, BOB! BOB!

A little string, two chicken legs, a captain and Coke, and Voila, Jumbo crabs.

Guess what we had for dinner.
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