Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Sad day

We are saddened to tell you that Pica, our cat (actually we were his people and dogs) died today. Pica was 18 years old and was named Pica because Stephanie got him from a printer. He was a great cat with a personality that was unique. He loved to travel with us on September Song, wander the docks and make new friends, walk the rails, (that made made Mom crazy) and just hang out with the girls. The only time he didn't like it on the boat was when it got rough, then he would puke. When he lived in Florida he would love to find his way to the roof (made Mom crazy again) and then call for help to get down. He would show his love by sneaking from around a corner and putting his teeth on you. You knew when he was ready to attack when he would get a look on his face and his eyes would glass over, then he would attack. At first it was scary, but after you got to know him it would just startle you. He also liked to walk on your key board when you were working on the computer and push on Mom's pen when she was working crossword puzzles (made us crazy) until you payed attention to him. One thing he loved to do was to sit by the ponds outside our front door and watch the fish and the waterfalls. We thought this would be a good place to lay him to rest.
We will miss him, especially when we cast off the lines for our next trip.
September Song (missing being made crazy) out
Enjoying a calm evening on he swim platform with me and the girls
Sacked out while under way
On the front porch when Flat Stanley arrived
Helping mom at the computerPosted by Picasa
Pica enjoying the ride in Moms lap
What a ham
Pica enjoyed our travels
We will miss you PicaPosted by Picasa