Saturday, April 3, 2010

New friends old friends

One of the things that is best in the cruising life is meeting people from all over this great country and other countries that we have so much in common with. All it takes to meet new people is a walk down the dock or a tender ride through an anchorage and before you know it you have made friends with someone you have a ton in common with, they know someone you know, then the stories and experiences and friendship begin. Jeff and Karen on aCappella sing a song about the cruising life (you can see a video of it on an earlier blog) and in a part of the song they sing "it's not about the places, not about the sunsets, it's the people that you meet". All the places, sunsets, beaches, exploring, and cruising are all wonderful, but the best is "the people that you meet" and do all those wonderful things with, especially with my best friend Stephanie.
Yesterday Life's2Short (Todd) called me and said a cruising friend was coming in (Where?s Linda) and they had lost all power. Todd got into his tender and played tug boat while we caught lines and guided them into their slip. I don't want to say they had a rough ride from Key West, but they had sea grass on the fly bridge. In the cruising community we all help each other. Before you know it we had new friends. Todd and Brenda left today headed to the "Key West playpen" to meet up with Gypsies in the Palace and they are going to use Pete and Linda's mooring ball while they are there. That's how it all works in the cruising community.
Other good news is that Cassie, Godiva, and Salty got to go to the beach with us Thursday and have a dog gone good time at a dog gone good beach. They also meet new cruising dog friends. They have a loooong list of dog friends (and little boys) they have met.

September Song ("It's about the people you meet") out

Cruisers headed out for what we do best, have a great time together

The group at Sombrero Resort and Marina for drinks, pizza, music, and dancing. What a great night we had
Linda and Pete on Where?s Linda from Wisconsin
Jay and Nancy on Serendipity from Tennessee
Todd and Brenda on Life's2Short from Missouri/Colorado and Joe on Sea Pearl from New York
Playtime at a dog gone good beach
Life is a beach
Godiva's new friend. Every dog should have a little boy to play with
Dinner at Burdine's

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Small world

The last few days have been great spending time with Todd and Brenda on Life's2Short. Where two or more cruisers are gathered. PARTY!!!! Especially great friends like Todd and Brenda. It's a small world in the cruising community. As Stephanie and I were walking down the dock to Dockside for prime rib night we stopped to talk to a couple (John & Gloria on Bombay Lady III) that had just arrived. Before we knew it we were friends and they were going to join us for drinks and dinner. Come to find out we were in the same marina in Punta Gorda a few weeks ago and we remembered each other. Then Gloria said she thought she knew Todd and Brenda from their summer on the river system in Demopolis. Sure enough, they had met at a captains meeting there. "Small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it" We had a great time with them last night and I'm sure we will spend more time with them while we are here. They are headed to the Chesapeake this summer as Todd and Brenda are and I'm sure they will meet up again. Got to go, Cassie and Godiva are begging us to take them to the beach.

September Song (let's go to the beach Dad) out

Meeting new cruising friends John and Gloria on Bombay Lady III
Me, Stephanie, and Gloria had something in common. We were all flower children and hippies from the sixties. Notice the "flowers in our hair"
Joe had a diver dive his boat to check things out. After much work the diver came up with several crab pot lines. The diver asked if he missed any out there. Joe AKA 'the crab pot sweeper"
Stephanie and Todd going over the charts for the Chesapeake where Todd and Brenda will be this summer
Happy hour at Dockside
(Why limit "Happy" to an hour?!)

Ron and Rena's last night on September Song

Our last night with Ron and Rena we decided to stay on September Song and just enjoy each others company. (as if we haven't the whole time they have been here)Todd and Brenda on Life's2Short arrived in Marathon a day early so they came by for the evening and Ron and Rena got a chance to meet another couple of our cruising friends who have cruised with us off and on including the Exumas for the last couple of years. Joe on sea pearl also joined us and we had a great evening laughing, telling stories on each other, and just being crazy which is what we do best. After a build your own pizza dinner on the grill we introduced Ron and Rena to the way we eat pie in the Islands. Only equipment you need is a fork. It was a fun night, but also a sad night because we knew that Ron and Rena would be leaving in the morning. We had such a great time while they were with us and the six days they were here passed way to quickly. You know it was a good time when you wish they could stay longer and you have to hold back the tears when they leave. We hope they will come cruising with us when ever they like where ever we are at. Your State room is always open. (along with the bar)
By the way, everyone needs to read the Gypsies blog if you want to see some of the Key West trip. You can get to it from our blog. Thanks Doug and Tammy, we had a blast with you.
September Song (we love you guys! come back soon) out

Todd and Brenda are here, Todd and Brenda are here!!!!

Aren't they beautiful

Ron and Rena getting to know the wild and crazy Todd and the beautiful Brenda at cocktail hour on the fly bridge

Make your own pizza party
Chef Roberto at the grill
Rena got the first bite. We ate it "Island style Mon" Everyone gets a fork and we pass the pie around until it is gone.
Are you ladies going to share? HEY!!!!!! Pass the Pie!!!!!!!

Back to Marathon

We cast off the lines at 08:00 (almost everyone was up) and headed out into the deep blue of the Atlantic. The weather was perfect with warm breezes and calm seas. We fished as we traveled North to Marathon and had two good hits and one biiiig one on. (ziiing) Ron was in the bathroom and I wanted Ron to catch it. When Ron arrived at the aft deck the fish had taken most of the line off the pole and by the time Ron got the pole the biiig one got away. I know, I know!!!! It was a beautiful cruise back to Marathon from Key West and none of us wanted it to end, but there was more to do. Oh, by the way, Ron and Rena have two more days added to their life because as Lifes2short says, "you only have so many days on this earth, but the ones at sea don't count against you" After we arrived back at the dock it was time to shower and head for cocktail hour at the Sunset Bar and Grill for the love of my life's birthday dinner. (man I love that lady) Ron, Rena, Joe, Stephanie and I had a great sunset and a wonderful time celebrating Stephanie's birthday. We all returned to September Song and because it was such a warm beautiful night, we had a night cap on the fly bridge and said goodnight to another wonderful day in paradise. Today we woke to another glorious day and headed to the Stuffed Pig for breakfast. If you are ever in Marathon and want to have a wonderful breakfast under the tiki hut, check this one out. We returned to September Song after breakfast and put Half Note AKA the tender or family car in the water and went exploring. After exploring we took Half Note to the Beach and enjoyed putting our toes in the sand and water. We are now waiting for Todd and Brenda on Life's2Short, who arrived here today, and Joe on Sea Pearl to arrive for a party on September Song tonight. I have lots to blog about Key West, but I need to have everyone approve the pictures and what I am going to tell you about and what I can't tell you about, that you will need to wait for that one. Got to go, Todd, Brenda, and Joe are on their way.
September Song (waiting for approval) out
A beautiful day on the Atlantic on our way back to Marathon
The water out there is so gorgeous
Wake up Ron, You have a fish on!!!
Do you think we wore them out in Key West?
Sunset at the Sunset Bar and Grill. You can't see their faces, but I can tell you they were smiling
The five of us at the Sunset Bar and Grill for Stephanie's birthday. Happy birthday my love!
Breakfast at the Stuffed Pig

Hungry Boy!!!

It's a good thing they only charge for breakfast and not by the hour
Breakfast at the Stuffed Pig. Four stuffed piggies

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Problems problems

Hi all,
Sorry for the lost pictures etc. My Picasa and blog spot are fighting. Will have it fixed soon and get you up to date. Hang in there and check back from time to time.

September Song (frustrated blogger) out

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life is a walk on the beach

Happy people

Out exploring in Half Note
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