Friday, January 7, 2011

Life after New Year's

Yes, we survived after a fun (no, our clothes didn't fall off) New Year's Eve.
We have been busy the last few days with boat chores, dock parties, welcoming new arrivals, playing at the beach, exploring on the tender, fishing, happy hours, and enjoying the beautiful weather we have had this week. Life is good, but I think we need to take a day off. NOT! Life's 2 short (where have I heard that before?) to let a day go by without enjoying it to the fullest.
I won't give you a long detailed blog. I will let the pictures do the talking. I need to go to the engine room and change out a raw water pump. wanna help?

September Song (Fun in the Florida sun) out

A trip to Key West for boat parts wouldn't be complete without at least one stop at an old haunt. Hogfish tacos. YUMM!

The last time we were here Doug and Tammy were with us. Miss you guys
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Nice fish Norm, but it's two inches short of the limit. We did catch about twenty keepers out of the one hundred we caught.

This one would have been a keeper if something hadn't bit the back half off. A little later a four foot shark swam up to the tender looking for more. I don't think I will dangle my feet in the water.

Now all we need now is Hootie, Norm caught the blow fish.
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New cruisers are coming in every day. Time for a sunset dock party!

A sunset dock party wouldn't be complete without blowing the conch horns.

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Fun with cruising friends at Keys Fisheries. Stone crab claws, sushi, drinks, and lots of laughs.

A beer drinking dog takes his place at the bar. Only in the Keys!
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Godiva playing with her new friend at the dog beach.

Cassie couldn't find any fish, so she decided to chase a kite boarder.

Now that's a deal!
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Dinner on Tide Hiker to dine on the catch of the day, mangrove snapper, (from the fishermen extraordinaire) and a fun night of lots of laughs and a game dominoes with Norm and Vicki. Fun night and great dinner guys. Thanks!
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