Thursday, March 15, 2012

Road trip! Key West.... Again?

My cousin Patty (AKA wild and crazy Patty) came down to Key West Wednesday for the day on the Key West Express from Ft. Myers. Patty and her husband, Kelly, and friends Dave and Debbie are vacationing there. I haven't seen Patty, well, for a lot of years. We keep up on Facebook, but it's not the same as being together. We only had about five hours together before the boat went back to Ft. Myers, but what a blast we had. Jay, Nancy, William, and Judy came down with us, and Todd and Alison, William and Judy's Daughter and Son-in-law went down early with their kids. William and Judy took over for Todd and Alison, and did the grandparent thing, and Todd and Alison joined us for playtime in the Key West Playpen. First stop, Schooners Wharf. Can't go to Key West without a stop at Schooners for the best wings in the Keys, and a little music by Michael McCloud. From there we headed to Rick's for a little people watching at the sidewalk bar, a few warm-up drinks, and then off to Irish Kevin's for a wild afternoon with Jeff Harris. As usual, Jeff was a riot. Only one of our group got up on the stage. Alison took her mother's place. (remember the pictures from our last trip to KW) What a fun couple Todd and Alison are. I think, no, I know, Patty would be next if they didn't have to leave early to catch the boat back to Ft. Myers. In the short time she was there, she was infected with the Keys Disease. The only relief is to return, and I'm sure she will be back.....Soon! Great to see you again Patty.
My brother Ron, and his wife Rena arrive here tomorrow, Friday, and I'm sure there will be another trip to Key West. I'm not sure, but I think they have been infected too. The following week, Rhonda and Sara, their daughters and some of their children, will join them. The week after that, some of the Kimbels will be here.
Keep those prayers coming for our livers!

September Song (another one caught the disease) out

Doesn't take much to get Jay and Nancy to go to Key West.

William and Judy's daughter, Alison, and her daughter Sarah at Dockside Bar, here at our marina, singing at Karaoke Night.

Takes after her mother. That can't be all bad!
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Nancy, Jay, Judy, and William, at Schooners Wharf. 

The "group" ready for a wild and crazy day in Key West.

Todd and Alison, at the sidewalk bar at Rick's

Nancy being Nancy. Love ya Girl!
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No explanation needed!

My crazy, beautiful cousin, Patty. 

Nancy thought he was cute, and wanted to take him home.
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Alison, taking her mother's place. Like mother, like daughter! Jeff couldn't help himself, they are both beautiful. Not the other girl, Allison and Judy.

"Is that the Red Garter Jay"

"There's naked girls in here!" And you were expecting what in an adult entertainment club, Jay?

You can run, but you can't hide Jay. Nancy will find you, and you will be punished.
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