Saturday, July 25, 2009

Playtime off the back of the boat

After a week or so of exploring Ocracoke and Manteo, (what a great time we had) it was time for a rest and relaxing couple of days at anchor. Cassie and Godiva don't get much exercise or have much fun when we are in marinas. They do enjoy doing their business on land, and much prefer it to the front deck but, "what about swimming and riding in Half Note, Dad?" We put on their life jackets and like a couple of kids, off they go swimming, chasing the ball, and having a great time in the water. "thanks Mom and Dad! Now can we go for a ride in Half Note? Please, please, can we , can we, please" How can we say no to two hound dog faces longing for some playtime too. While we were in the Exumas they were in the water almost every day, so much so that Godiva's brown hair was sun and water bleached to a tan. They miss it and so do we.

Manteo and the Outer Banks

We left Ocracoke and headed for Manteo on Roanoke Island in the Outer Banks of North Carolina, famous for the Lost Colony of Roanoke, the first English settlement in the New World. They never did find out what happened to them, they just vanished. When we arrived at the Manteo Waterfront Marina, we were greeted by our friend Dave, who if you remember, we saw in Ocracoke with his two friends, Ben and Rod, who filled us up with fresh shrimp, corn, and baked beans. The next day they took us out clamming. What a great day it was. Dave, the great host he and Penny are, offered us his car and an invitation to a party on their beautiful boat Stormy the next night. The party was great, even better than great. We were joined by four of Dave and Penny's friends Don and Diane and Butch and Betty, who we bonded with after about 2 seconds. we had fresh shrimp they caught the day before, all kinds of cheeses, grapes, wine, and so much laughing our sides hurt. Thanks for your great hospitality Dave and Penny. Oh! and after a few memories and stories, Dave and Penny are going to join us on our next trip to the Exumas. Our stay in Manteo included not only a great time with friends, but a trip to Kitty Hawk, the site of the first powered flight by the Wright brothers in 1903, a trip to the tallest Light House in the US (Cape Hatteras), and of course, a trip to the beach to try out my new Slick Lizard Performance 41 boogy board. Doug and I did OK on our new boards, but Tammy (on her smaller flower covered board) still rocks. If you ever get the chance to go to the Outer Banks, you will love it. If you want to read more about the trip to the Outer Banks, go to Gypsies blog, Tammy is a much better writer than I am. You can access it from our blog. Look on the right side for favorite websites and blogs, then click on Gypsies in the Palace. You will enjoy it.
September Song (on the hook, "YA Dad!!")out

An actual photo of the first flight

A reproduction of the 1903 Flyer

Orville at the controls

A replica of the barn where Wilbur and Orville lived and dreamed while performing their experiments
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The spot where the first successful flight of an airplane was made from by Orville Wright December 17th, 1903. Gives me goose bumps!

The spot where he landed

The second flight that day

The third flight that day
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If I only had wings

And to think, 66 years later, man walked on the Moon

The monument commemorating that day when man broke his bonds to the earth on the first powered aircraft
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The view from Kill Devil Hill of the field where the first powered flight took place on December 17th, 1903

Tammy rubbing Wilbur's nose for good luck

What a great time we had! Thanks Dave and Penny

We laughed until it hurt, then laughed some more
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The Light House at Cape Hatteras. It was moved 2900 feet back from the beach by a house moving Co. in 1999 to protect it from the encroaching sea

Doug and Tammy climbing to the top of the light house. 257 steps and 208 feet to the top of the nations tallest light house

The view of the Atlantic from the top

A boy and his new Slick Lizard performance 41 ready to find a big wave. BOOGY!
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Monday, July 20, 2009

Big Bob's Boogy Board Blast

What a cool dude! Love those new swim trunks!

Stephanie here, out


Off to the beach like a bunch of little kids, on our bikes, with visions of the big ones dancing in our heads. When we arrived, the waves weren't as big as they were yesterday, (thank God) but they were big enough to give us a ride. One at a time, we went out to show-off our skills. Well, maybe not so skillful, but it was great to be 12 again. Show me the guy that says you can't be a kid at 59, and we will prove him wrong! We rode the waves, took in some sea water, lost our suits a couple of times (no pictures please) and had a blast acting like the kids that we are. After boogy boarding, soaking up some rays, sticking our toes in the sand, and a walk on the beach, we headed for Howard's Pub to lick our wounds, and relive the day over a cold one. (our EMS at Howard's Pub) Remember, We still had over a half mile to go. After the long trip to the boat, it was a couple of Advil and we were good to go.

September Song (THE SURFER DUDES) out

Hey mister, you sure you want to do this?

Doug at the end of a good ride

Look behind you Doug

How's the ride Tammy? Tammy! Tammy!------OUCH! Wipe-out!
News clip at 6 o'clock
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Waiting for the big one

Don't look now, but the big one is behind you

Little surfer guy

Go Tammy!
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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Memory lane "Exumas and Berry's"

I thought it would be fun as I looked through the pictures from our trip to the Exumas and Berry Islands this last spring, to put together some favorite photos and some of the videos I couldn't post while in the Islands. I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoyed putting them together.
Click on each picture to get a larger view.

September Song (in memory lane) out

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