Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Newport, RI

What can I say about Newport? What a great city to play in and explore. The only thing I would say is a negative, is prices are higher on most things, including dockage and mooring balls. Stephanie has cousins that live in the Newport area, and it was great to be able to get together with them again. I'm not going to go through all the places we explored, all the lobster, lobster rolls, oysters, clams, mussels, and chowder (chowda) we ate, the family we got to spend time with, and the the fun times the two of us had, just enjoying Newport together. I'm going to let the pictures do that, and after I picked out the ones I wanted to post, there are a lot.
Because there are so many pictures, you may need to click on older posts to see them all.

We are in Scituate, MA, after spending a night at anchor on the West end of the Cape Cod Canal. We left the anchorage at 06:30 to catch the tide going from West to East in the canal, exited the canal into beautiful Cape Cod Bay, and cruised to Scituate, MA, where we will be for the next couple of days.

September Song (Newport, what a great city to explore) out

Watch Hill, RI

We've dodged a ton of lobster pots here in New England. We don't like dodging them, but we LOVE what comes out of them.

Point Judith, RI

Beautiful New England style home on the water.
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Another gorgeous home on the water in Newport.

The older style 12-meter America's Cup racing boats, docked in Newport.
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We needed to top off our water tanks before going to our mooring ball. It's a small dock, moored in the middle of the harbor, with a garden hose run to it underwater from the shore. It took an hour and a half to put on 200 gallons. thank goodness we were only half empty. Stephanie was a champ, and stayed on the teetering little dock the whole time to watch the hose. That's my Admiral!

So many lobsters, so little time!

Lobster rolls. For those of you who don't know what they are, they take a whole lobster, remove all the meat, mix it with a little mayo and some spices, and put it on a toasted (inside and out) New England-style hot dog bun. Talk about good!

Who are your new cruising friends Stephanie? Oh not cruising friends. I know you said we were going to spend some time with some of your cousins, but, but! OK, not really. Stephanie has some great cousins.
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These little guys zip in and out of the boats in the mooring field. There good!

More New England homes we saw while out exploring on the tender.

Our next door neighbors.
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The New York Yacht Club in Newport.

Another Yacht Club, don't know which one, but talk about elaborate!

Dad and kids, having fun in the water in the mooring field. Not me, the water is only in the sixties up here.

Lots of sailing and motor yachts here in Newport. To get an idea of the size, look at the aft, and notice the guy standing there.
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No, they're not real, but if they were, I would take all of them home.

Exploring the streets of Newport.

We picked up a couple of fresh lobster at the docks. About the price of hamburger per pound.

Stephanie, picking out her dinner.
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Love em! We named one Bob.

Time for a swim.

How's the water Bob? Bob, BOB, BOB!

Dinner for two on the fly bridge. 
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On Saturday and Sunday, they have regattas. This is one of the racing boats coming back in.

Sunset over Newport Harbor.

They start teaching the little ones early. I would guess them to be six or seven years old.

One of the racing boats, headed out for the race. they don't have motors, so they have to be towed out.
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One of the ways to explore Newport.

While we were in one of the waterside restaurants, these guys showed up. One of the yachts spilled about 100 gallons of diesel. Wouldn't want to pay their fines and clean-up bill!

Time for a night out of fun and seafood for the crew of September Song.

We had a blast, eating oysters, mussels, listening to great music, Captain and Cokes, and Dark and Stormy's. I think we were over served! Do we have fun together, or what?
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Eric Clapton's Yacht Blue Guitar, moored next to September Song. A friend of ours says he doesn't think so, but, well, if not, it's still cool.

Stephanie's cousin, Addie, couldn't make it to the family get together on Sunday, so we went to the restaurant she works at, the Black Pearl, to see her, and have lunch. She's all grown up and married now. The last time we saw her was twelve years ago.
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After lunch with cousins, we all took a walk over Goat Island Bridge. While we were there, a bunch of crazy kids were jumping off the bridge. I guess we were all a little crazy at that age. Maybe many years ago, but not today. Besides, the water up here is COLD!

Stephanie, with her cousin, Johanna. Last time we saw her, she was a little kid. Now she's all grown up and married.

Johanna, and her husband Tito. After spending the day with him, Johanna, you married a great guy.

It was great to spend some time with cousins Tito, Johanna, Mary Jane, Anne and Paul, Debby and Sam.
Let's hope it won't be as long to see you all again next time.
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