Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another day in the warm sunny Keys

Another one of those times when I needed to pinch myself. Is this real, or am I still in the middle of a dream?
September Song (If I'm dreaming, "DO NOT DISTURB") out

Stephanie and I went out for a ride in the family car (Half Note) on a calm warm sunny afternoon and got some great shots of wildlife along the waterways. We got a little too close to shore and what looked like a beach and Cassie and Godiva decided to jump in.

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We passed this beautiful sailboat anchored in our harbor as we headed out to fish.

Would make a great grouper dinner, but it's not a legal size Joe.

Joe and I caught some beautiful fish that we didn't know what they were and about 100 eleven inch mangrove snapper. all good eating size, but the legal limit is twelve inches. Oh well, it was fun catching them anyway. Just being out on the water was great.
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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hanging out in Marathon

We are still here in Marathon as Mother Nature has kept us from crossing over to the islands. I can't think of a better place to wait her out. The plan was to make it to Staniel Cay by the 23rd to meet up with my brother Ron and his wife Rena who were going to fly in for 6 days. We would have loved to have shown them some of the "island life", but Mother Nature makes the rules and on a boat we follow them. The plan now is for them to drive from Ft. Lauderdale to Marathon and we will cruise the Keys including a cruise to Key West and a couple of deep sea fishing trips on September Song. We are looking forward to having them join us, it should be great fun. They will also get to meet some of our crazy cruising friends you have read about over the years (has it been that long?) on my blog. Watch for us Gypsies and Life's2short, we are coming to Key West!
While we have been here in Marathon we have enjoyed a little warmer weather, trips to the beach in Half Note to play with the girls (four legged) and their buddies Dyna and Dylan, do some exploring on Bee and Bop, (our bikes) pig out on seafood at the Seafood Festival, enjoy the locals at the dockside Bar, and in general enjoying the Keys. As the sign says outside the Dockside Bar, "Slow, old children at play" Stay tuned and come aboard with us next week while we cruise the Keys with Ron and Rena.

September Song (Don't fool with Mother Nature!!!) out

The black thing in the water is what is left of a houseboat that burned Sunday night at anchor. Luckily the 60 year old guy was able to jump off and swim to shore in his underwear, but as you can see the boat was a total loss. The fire started from a candle.

I not only tried this one on, but I bought it. The guy selling them claims it will stay on in up to 40 knot winds. I hope I never have to test it.

Joe sporting his new lid

Cheers to you from the Seafood Festival in Marathon. Must be a hat day, because we each got one.
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Joe picking out some new lures to use in the Exumas

The crowd listening to some great entertainment at the Seafood Festival

She was one of the best I have heard in a long time. Wish you could have seen her play her fiddle. She rocked the house!

No matter where you go in the Keys you always see a pirate. I think he sails with my buddy Captain Morgan
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Fellow DeFever cruisers on Izzy R from Irvine CA. We talked to them on the radio on our way from Key West when they were headed down. They ended up in our marina a week later. "Small world, but I wouldn't want to paint it". I wish we had more time to get to know them, but they were leaving in the morning.

I love this sign outside Dockside. "Slow old children at play" That says it all!

I guess you could classify us as "dinghys"
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Jeff, Karen, and a new friend Bill joined Joe, Stephanie and me at Dockside for drinks, dinner, and open mic Sunday. What a hoot! Jeff and Karen play guitar and sing, but I don't think you will catch their act here any time soon

At 93 and can still play the horn. (kind of)

They never say die
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