Friday, November 6, 2009

Did you think we fell in?

Since we arrived at our home dock it has been non stop. Doctors, provisioning, ordering spare parts, catching up on maintenance, getting together with friends, replacing the other four house batteries, (ouch) etc. etc. You get the picture. Well, maybe not so many pictures, but I don't think you want pictures of what the doctors have been doing to us or what I cleaned out of the sea strainers. Were finally getting just about caught up on everything, so maybe we can relax for a few days. Gypsies, Sea Pearl, and Tide Hiker are making their way South and will end up here at our home dock, so we may stay a few extra days and wait for them to catch up. Steve and Diane stopped on their way South by car (Steve has been doing projects for people on their boats up and down the coast) and spent the night on September Song. It's always great to have them aboard. We took them to the Crab Company for some local seafood last night and Steve helped me with a couple of things on the boat today before they left this afternoon headed home to Florida.
Sorry there isn't much to blog about, but hang in there, we will be cruising soon.

September Song (getting anxious) out

Local fisherman catching fish by our dock

I think I need to get out a pole!
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Sunset from the home dock

Steve and Diane arrive just in time for cocktail hour

Steve the tool man

Bye guys, it was great having you.
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