Saturday, January 30, 2010

R and R

We spent a relaxing few days at the Franklin Lock docks with friends in and out and meeting new friends. (I know, boring) We had no land transportation other than our bikes and everything is a long way away from where we were. That was OK because we needed a rest from all the parties etc. Thursday we cruised to the Fort Myers Yacht Basin and rented a car Friday for the weekend. Friday was spent riding through the Fort Myers/Cape Coral area seeing what has changed since we lived here eleven years ago. Things have changed in some areas so much we were glad we knew the names of the street or we would have been lost. Other areas, especially the older sections still looked the same. Cape Coral was the most depressing with a lot of the homes looking sad and neglected. Sure am glad we don't own property here anymore. Sea Pearl and Aurora arrived Friday afternoon and today Steve, Di, Stephanie and I went out for provisions at Costco. I have never been in a Costco before. You could do some real damage there. Good thing our space is limited on September Song. We are waiting for Aurora and Sea Pearl to come over and then we are headed for the bed races in town. Should be fun. I know this all sounds boring, but we needed a rest. We will be headed North on the West Coast with lots to see and do, so hang in there.
September Song (headed for the ZZZZZZ's race) out
[Ed. note - the races were rained out and rescheduled for 2 weeks from now - guess we'll have to take a pass this year]

Enjoying sunset cocktails with friends

Admiral Stephanie handling the lines in the Franklin Lock

Locking through with another boat
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Enjoying the afternoon with good friends and new friends

DeFever Cruisers take over the docks at Franklin lock

Red sky in the morning, sailors take warning. It did get quite windy that day

You don't have to be in the islands or in the Keys to blow your conch horns as the sun sets on another beautiful day
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