Saturday, August 16, 2008

Great week with two special girls

Last night we went to the Cheese Cake Factory to celebrate my birthday and pigged out big time. It was so great to have the girls here to help me celebrate my &%$ th birthday. We had a wonderful week with the girls, they are so special to us. I thought a recap of pictures for them would be fitting. I hope you enjoy them.

September Song (sad and missing them) out

Time goes so quickly

You just got here and then it was time to leave
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Smash those penny's

Puffin with two beauties

The water taxi

Rock out at the Hard Rock
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Always a pose

We were at the top of that

My two special girls

My three special girls
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Double yum


Yes, it looks good on you
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Two pees in a pod

What better way to spend an afternoon

Which way now?
Posted by PicasaWow!

In their state room


Remember this one?

Yes, they do sleep there
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Raiding the frig

Sad goodbyes

We will miss you. We love you both
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Thursday, August 14, 2008

Historic Fleet

Today we toured some of the historic fleet here in Baltimore and went to the top of the Baltimore World Trade Center. We saw some amazing ships today. The USS Constellation is a Civil war ship that has a long impressive history. Rather than me tell you about it, I think you should Google it and read it's incredible history. Touring the submarine gives you an idea of how you need to be of a certain type to serve on one of these. Bunks over the top of the torpedo's, I don't think so! The Coast Guard Cutter is the only surviving ship from the Pearl Harbor attack. We saw some amazing film footage on the attack. Lastly we went to the top of the Baltimore World Trade Center. What a view of Baltimore!
Hope you enjoy the pictures.
Way past my bed time.
September Song out ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

Only surviving ship from the Pearl Harbor attack

Does this mean I am crabby?

View of the Inner Harbor walk
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USS Constellation

Big ship


Amazing hull structure
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The USS Torsk Submarine

Torpedo room


They actually sleep in here?
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looking up at the Baltimore World Trade Center

The USS Constellation from the top of the BWTC

Another view
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