Friday, August 1, 2008

Chestertown MD

We just arrived in Chestertown after a gorgeous trip up the Chester River. The river was so beautiful I think we both went into scenic overload. Chestertown looks to be another great town to explore. That's all for now, just wanted to send pictures. We have to head for the Post Office to send some papers back to Ga.
See you in town
September Song out

Our new home for the next three days - NOT!
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\Great spot for a house

They build their nests just about anywhere

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Kids swimming behind their boat
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We see unusual boats on the water

Kids camp. They were singing, or something when we went by

Their toys on the water

Rock wall on the water
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Wednesday, July 30, 2008


We took Half Note 5 miles up the creek to Centreville, another small town with huge historic charm. We explored the town and boy was it hot. At the end of our self tour we found a cool place to chill out and have a couple brewskis and some wings done in Old Bay (yum) before our trip back to the boats. Tonight we are going to Aurora, Steve and Diane's boat for soft shelled crab. Time to take the girls to the beach before dinner. See you tomorrow.

September Song out

So many cool houses

Patriotic gargoyle

Five colors
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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Trip to the next anchorage

Today was a travel day and as you can see from the pictures the seas were flat calm. Birds in our anchorage in Annapolis came by to say goodbye and leave a couple of calling cards on the deck. Steve and Diane, on Aurora led the way to our next anchorage off the Chester River in Emory creek, off the Corsica River. Another great spot with scenic views and another dog gone good beach. We will be here Wednesday and Thursday then on to Chestertown Friday. The weather has warmed up to the upper 80's so playing in the water at the beach will be a must tomorrow. Time to go out on the aft deck and enjoy the cool evening.

See you at the beach
September Song chilling out. Out

Came by to say goodbye

Aurora sets the pace

Entering the creek

Pica chilling on the aft deck Aurora at anchor in the back ground
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Monday, July 28, 2008

Bike trip

Today was a work day. Steve, Diane, and I took the bikes to the tender dock and rode 10 miles,(round trip) up and down hills to West Marine and the mall while Stephanie stayed at the boat and did paper work. Things like hair cuts, (I was way over due) things needed from West Marine, food, etc. needed to be done eventually, so today was the day. The reason for this blog is not to complain, the trip was fun, but to show you Steve and Diane's tender limo loaded with three bikes and crew. Tomorrow we head for another five star anchorage for a couple days and then on to Chestertown Marina Friday.

See you at the next stop
September Song, with tired legs, out

The tender limo loaded for the trip
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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Farmers Market

Saturday afternoon Steph and I tried our hand at kayaking. I think they need to put a motor on them. No overturns, and we had a good time exploring at water level. Saturday night we took the tender limo (Steve and Diane's tender) to the tender dock at the head of the creek and walked the one mile or so to town and went to Rams Head Onstage and saw a great show by the Deanna Bogart Band. The show was great. Today, the four of us took Half Note into town, (up ego alley) to the farmers market. I think we should have brought a second tender to haul the stuff. We always take advantage of the farmers markets to get fresh baked goods and produce. Love those farmers markets. This afternoon we had a little, well, alot of rain in a very short period of time so we hung out on the boat and napped. Always great to get a free boat wash. Tonight some other friends are going to meet us at the tender dock up the creek and take the four of us to the Reserve Fleet Club for dinner. Oh, I forgot to tell you about our lunch, we bought a fresh baked blueberry pie and when we got back to the boat, the four of us had pie and ice cream for lunch. We are so bad.
Time to get ready for dinner and it's 5:00 somewhere.
September Song out

Ain't we cool

Love the farmers markets


Great home grown stuff
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The lamb man. This is the guy we bought a leg
of lamb from in St. Michael's.

Chick & Ruth's Delly has been run by the same
family since 1800 something
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