Saturday, June 19, 2010

We're not in Florida anymore Toto

When we last left you we had just finished a great pizza and a couple of cold ones and Brianne was headed back into town. While Brianne was in town she met a girl that worked in one of the shops and they made plans to spend the evening together. Curfew was 12:00 and yes, she did get home on time Mom. We spent a couple of exploring days in St Augustine (you really don't want me to go through the list) and then headed out Friday morning to Florida Petroleum for some of the best priced fuel we have found, then headed for an anchorage off Cumberland Island late that afternoon. From our anchorage off Cumberland Island we saw wild horses, osprey, wild turkeys, dolphin, and all kinds of water birds fishing the shores. What a great anchorage for watching wild life. Today we headed to Jekyll Island where we did some exploring by bike and tomorrow we are going to Summer Wave Water Park here on the Island for a day of fun in the water.

September Song (see you on the water slide) out

Great old architecture in St. Augustine.

September Song in her slip in St. Augustine

More of the Belgium Air Force as we walk along the water front to Castillo de San Marcos.

Castillo de San Marcos is the oldest fort in the continental United States.
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Ain't she cute!

Looking out from the fort across the sound that we will be going out of into the Atlantic tomorrow.

Can't miss one of our favorite stops when we were with Gypsies last year in St. Augustine. Wings and a couple of cold ones at Scarlett O'Hara's.

Cool old homes.
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St. George Street in St. Augustine.

The Ghost tour was cancelled because of a thunder storm. We decided to stop on the way down St. George Street and get Brianne a couple of tattoos.

Cute! NO, they're not real. Do you think I would let her do that for real while she is with us? Her mother would kill me!They're air brushed on. I like the Island Girl one!
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Headed out into a mill pond calm Atlantic from St. Augustine headed for Cumberland Island where we will anchor for the night.

Loading on 900 gallons of gold.

As we came into our anchorage at Cumberland Island we saw some of the wild horses that live on the island along the waterway.
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We passed the sub barns at St. Mary's on our way to Jekyll Island.

At low tide on the ICW. I think this channel marker needs to be moved out a little farther.

Now that's a beach house.

The lighthouse at the entrance to St. Andrews Sound. We will go out that sound into the Atlantic on our next leg Monday.
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We took a long, loong, hot, hot, ride to the beach.

We would have gone into the water to cool off, but it's hard to go into brown water after being in the Islands. Brianne says we have spoiled her after being in the gin clear water of the Islands.

To cool off we went to the gin clear water of the marina pool. Tomorrow we are all going to the gin clear waters of Summer Wave Water Park.
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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

On the move

After leaving Cocoa Beach we spent one night on the hook in Daytona, (wahoo and fresh veggies on the BBQ) then on to St. Augustine today, the oldest city in America. While cruising the ICW the dolphin played in our wake and the wildlife was everywhere you looked. When we arrived at St. Augustine we took a walk into town and stopped at a few stores and historic sites, then it was time for the best rated pizza in St. Augustine and a couple of cold ones. (Hey, it's hot here and a guy gets thirsty) We are here at the boat now while Brianne went back into town to do a little more exploring. What a great city to do that in. Tomorrow we will hit it hard and I think Brianne wants us all to go on a ghost tour tomorrow night. Should be great fun.

September Song (I think I saw a ghost!) out

Manatee zone...Slow speed...Back in the ICW!!!

Family fishing along the ICW. Mom has one on!

Brianne watching the dolphin play in our wake.
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Dolphin rolling over on their sides to get a good look at Brianne.

Hundreds of pelicans in this nesting area

Godiva's favorite position while we travel. On the fly bridge couch looking back at everything we pass.

Pirate ships!! We must be getting close to St. Augustine.
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The Belgium Air Force welcoming us to St. Augustine.

We made it to St. Augustine.

We found the best rated pizza in St. Augustine, and it was.

Nothing better than ice cream after pizza and beer. BURP!
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Monday, June 14, 2010

Kennedy Space Center

Sunday morning we left bright and early from Fort Pierce and made our way to Cocoa Beach on a beautiful day to be out on the water.
Today we rented a car and went to the Kennedy Space Center. I have to tell you we enjoyed it more than any Disney theme park. It brought out the goose bumps several times. The stuff they are do at NASA is almost hard to believe. There was so much to take in, I don't know were to begin. If you ever get the chance, you need to go see it.

September Song (fly me to the moon) out

Sunrise as we left Fort Pierce

Huge homes along the ICW

Great day for people to play on the beaches along our route. Lots of people out enjoying a beautiful day on the water.

Brianne playing the part of Rose on the Titanic. No, we didn't play the part of the ship! No ice bergs in Florida
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We went to NASA today. It was as good, if not better than any Disney theme park.

One of the two shuttle launch pads

This is the actual launch control for the Apollo program

Now those are engines! They pushed the spacecraft to the moon.
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