Sunday, October 7, 2012

Where are we?

We are in Morehead City, North Carolina for the North Carolina Seafood Festival for a couple of days, and will put the pointy end South again on Monday. More about that in my next blog.
It's been two weeks and 400 nautical miles since my last blog. Cold weather is on our stern, and we have been lucky up to this point, but that is going to change tomorrow. It's not going to be as cold as it is going to be North of us, but the butter is going to start getting hard, and we need to continue our migration South. Because of our moving most days, we haven't had a lot of time to explore, but we have met several new cruising friends, and the weather up to this point has been great to be in travel mode. Our next big stop will be in Charleston, where Joe and Julia (Sea Pearl) will catch up, and we will play there for several days.
When we last left you, we were anchored on the Wye River, catching huge Chesapeake blue crabs, enjoying one of our favorite anchorages, and playing with the girls at the beach.
Our last afternoon on the Wye River, we took the girls to the beach for an afternoon swim. Godiva was playing about twenty feet off the beach, and all of a sudden, she rolled, and sank. We rushed out to her, dragged her back to the beach, a gave her chest compressions. The water came out of her nose and mouth, and she started breathing. What a scare. She still wasn't doing well the next morning, so we headed into Solomon's, and took her to a vet that our good friends suggested. Long story short, after four days, several trips to the vet, and some good meds, she is back to her old self. She still struggles with steps, because of her torn ACL, but with a little help from Mom and Dad, she does fine. She's so cute! She waits at the bottom of the steps and gives us a couple of barks for help. She's thirteen, and in human years, she's ninety-one.

September Song (time to keep moving South) out

Godiva's favorite place while under way.

Thank God she is doing better!

She loves to watch as we cruise, and just take it all in.
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When we are on the move, we leave early, and get treated to a lot of beautiful sunrises.
Another beautiful diamonds on the water day.

This is the last of the Chesapeake lighthouses we will see this year, as we leave the Chesapeake.

Never too old to play like a kid!
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One of our first sections of the ICW is Norfolk, and the Navy Shipyards. It's always a thrill to see all the Navy ships.

This looks like something out of Star Wars.

Housing for the ship workers, being moved to a new location.
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Going through the locks at Great Bridge.

Stephanie, handling the lines in the lock.

The ICW gets a little crowded this time of year. These boats are ahead of us waiting for the Great Bridge Bridge.

Anchoring out, we get some of the most beautiful sunsets. This one was especially beautiful.
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