Friday, February 24, 2012

Hello Key West!

Lots of fun things going on here in the Keys since I last blogged, including a day trip to Key West, but our Key West trip deserves its own blog. Jay, Nancy, William, Judy, Stephanie and I drove down to Key West Wednesday morning. First stop was Irish Kevin's to see our good friend Bil Krauss. It didn't take long for Bil to decide that it was his "brother", William's (well not really) Birthday. More about that in the photos. Oh, Nancy didn't get by unnoticed either. I think the photos will tell the story. A trip to Key West would not be complete without a stop at Schooner's Wharf, and end the day at the Smokin' Tuna, with lots of stops, laughs, and a few drinks along the way to keep from becoming dehydrated. (for our friends up North, it's in the lower 80's)  Needless to say, it was a fun day with great cruising friends.
Thursday, the first, we will be taking September Song down to Key West for three days. (that's all our livers can handle) Doug and Tammy will be driving down and staying on September Song with us. YIPPEE!

September Song (Happy Birthday William) out

William, taped to his stool.

Who is that in the cage Bil?

OMG, it's Nancy!

Hug for William for his birthday. Well, it really wasn't his Birthday, Bil just decided it was a good day to celebrate it.
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Michael McCloud at Schooners. 

Time for some of those great Schooner wings.

Gotta have a cigar from Cigar Guy.

We met Bil at Fogerty's for drinks, laughs, and catch up. Bil was a little down, because a bar he has played at for many years, The Dead Dog Saloon in South Carolina, burned down earlier in the day.
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Key lime pie dipped in dark chocolate on a stick. YUM!

The only thing sweeter than key lime on a stick is the lady on my left.

Hanging at the outside bar at Rick's for drinks and a little people watching.

"I could use a drink".
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Did I mention, we were celebrating William's Birthday.

Always Great to see our friend, Scott Kirby, for some fun and great music at the Smokin' Tuna Saloon.

Oh, is it your birthday? How about a hug.

Jay says, "We can celebrate my Birthday next trip".
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It doesn't have to be your Birthday to celebrate it.

Now that's a cute hug William. We found out she had just moved to Key West and needed a job. We introduced her to Scott.  She was invited to fill out an application and have an interview. I hope we see her on our trip on the March 1 behind the bar.

Another One William? After William's Birthday hug, her about fourteen year old son headed to the bathroom. When he came out, we informed him her was supposed to go to the port, not starboard. Yep, he went into the ladies bathroom. 

Again William!
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No Jay, we are going to draw straws to see whose Birthday we will celebrate next time.

Happy Birthday William! When is your Birthday?
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