Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Boo Boo Hill

Today we went up to Boo Boo Hill, where cruisers put their boat signs made on drift wood for all who come to the Islands to see that they too have been to this beautiful place called the Exumas. I always hope that ours will still be there, and it was. We also found some of our cruising friends signs. We took our sign back to September Song where Stephanie added 2011 and dressed it up again after being there for the last year waiting for us to return. We returned to the hill and placed it with the others and promised to return to the Islands, find it, and add another year.

September Song (a special moment for us) out

So many boat signs to look through to find ours.

Found it! Now we will take it back to September Song and Stephanie will add another year.

Found Freyja
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Found Life's2Short from two years ago

Found Sea Pearl from last year

Lucky Stars


Stephanie added 2011 to our boat sign and dressed it up for its trip back up to Boo Boo Hill.

Our boat sign making it's trip back to Boo Boo Hill, where it will wait for us to return next year.

Stephanie placing it where we can find it next year and for all who come to this place to see it.

We will be back to add another year to our boat sign.

Joe, pouring champagne

All the admirals toasting to a wonderful time in the Islands and much more to come.

Joe loves to collect crab pot lines. God only knows how long these have been on his running gear, but they were cut off today. He said these were ones that Julia picked up while she was at the helm. Sure Joe!

Another beautiful sunset over the Islands tonight from the party on Sea Pearl.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Time for you to catch up to us

We haven't had Internet for the past nine days and now that we are in the Exumas Land and Sea Park and have Internet, I thought it was time for you to catch up. The weather here has been perfect with light winds and blue skies and we are have a blast playing, exploring, snorkeling, and just plain loving the Islands. I'm not going to go through the whole nine days because I think the pictures will do that. Besides, it's time to go to the beach and then take our sign back up to Boo Boo Hill. YAY, we found it and Stephanie put another year on it. More about that later.
You may have to click on older posts when you get to the end to see the rest of the pictures.

 September Song (on Island time) out

The Berry Island Club in the Berry Islands. Our first stop on the way to the Exuma Islands.

The docks aren't much, but what a fun place.

Herby, the owner, fixed us a true Bahamian dinner complete with lobster, conch, hog fish, peas and rice, Bahamian mac and cheese, salad, and lots of rum punch. (lots)

We had to wait outside the Nassau Harbor for over an hour while four cruise ships left port. This one is the Oasis of the Seas.

Our first night in Nassau we decided to try some of the local food. OK, we were hungry for pizza.

You have to have ice cream after pizza. DQ came to our rescue.

The market at Potters Cay, Nassau. Last of fresh veggies we will see for a while.

Joe and Julia at one of the local places at Potters Cay having a cold one before diving into a fresh conch salad and cracked conch. YUMMM!

They pull the conch out of the water live, clean it, and make this wonderful salad with tomato, cucumber, onion, green peppers, orange and lime juice, and hot peppers. Another kalik please!

Stephanie and Julia picking out their fresh fish for dinner at the Poop Deck restaurant.
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Mega Yachts in the harbor at Atlantis. Only seven dollars per foot per night. What a deal. NOT!

Cocktails before dinner at Atlantis.

We always meet the most interesting people as we cruise. This beautiful lady is 78 and lives on Paradise Island. She lost her best friend, her husband two years ago. It makes me so glad that I (we) are doing what we are doing for as long as we can with our best friends. Each other.

A fabulous dinner at Carmines. Thanks Joe! Oh, did I mention we played in the casino for an hour and I won three hundred dollars playing black jack.
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Now that's a beach bar!

Godiva...Happy girl rolling in the sand for the first time in her favorite place in the whole world. The beach. "Now where is my ball Dad?"
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Our first play day at the beach at Norman's Cay since we have arrived in the Exumas.

Looking our from the beach at our boats at anchor in the distance.
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MacDuff's isn't fancy, just a funky beach bar on Norman's Cay with only seven full time residents, but we were entertained with violin music

The walk (stumble) down the beach to our family car (tender) was real dark, but we made it back to September Song with no problem. Just like Motel 6, we left the lights on.
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Notice anything missing? The animal that has lived on my lip and chin for three years crawled off today. Now Stephanie says she will kiss me more often. YIPPEE! I love yer kisses.

Yes, he is still here at MacDuff's Bar. Lost a couple of bones, but still able to hoist a few.

A new addition to the owner of MacDuff's family. Another Island girl. Her name is Stephanie. Bringing her up in true Island fashion at the bar. "Another shot of milk please!"

Dinner and drinks at MacDuff's.
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The family cars (tenders) parked behind Island Girl at cocktail hour.

Cocktails on the aft of Island Girl.
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