Thursday, December 24, 2009

Merry Christmas All!

Norm and Vicki arrived on Tide Hiker Monday afternoon and came over to September Song to celebrate their arrival and Chef Roberto's (AKA Bob) lasagna. Vicki has been on the hunt for the best lasagna, so I threw my hat into the ring. In preparation for the big test I served them lots of wine hoping that it would give me an edge. Well, it must have worked because Vicki announced that I was the lasagna king. (aren't good friends great) It was great fun getting together with them again along with Joe from Sea Pearl. We will be cruising to the West coast of Florida with Norm, Vickie, Joe, and some of our other cruising friends after the rendezvous in mid January. Look out West coast, the DeFever cruisers are coming! In the next couple of weeks there will be a total of 32 DeFever and SOB's (some other boats) joining us here at the Harborage Yacht Club and Marina. Can you say party?
To all of you who have been cruising with us via the blog, the crew of September Song, Bob, Stephanie, Cassie, and Godiva wish you a Merry Christmas and we look forward to taking you along in the New Year. We will be traveling across the state via the Okeechobee water way in mid January, up the West coast of Florida, then back down to the Keys and then cross to the "Islands Mon" sometime early March. Should be great fun so welcome aboard.

September Song (Merry Christmas to all) out

Norm and Vicki arrived Monday afternoon

Norm, Vicki, and Joe came over for Chef Roberto's lasagna and a few glasses (OK, 3 bottles) of wine compliments of Joe.

Here's to good friends
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Santa Claus AKA Norm

Vicki crowned me Lasagna King. It wasn't the best I have done, but it must have been good enough for the crown. (or maybe she is just a really good friend)

Santa Claus and his Elf came by to deliver gifts

Cassie and Godiva ready for Christmas. "Can't wait for Santa Dad, and don't forget to turn on the anchor light so he can find us"
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Sunday, December 20, 2009


A cold front moved through Saturday and we only had a high of 70 with lows the next couple of nights in the 40's and highs around 70. I know, I know, get out the new rope. I sure wish you people up North would keep your cold fronts to yourselves. After all, this is the "Sunshine State". Stephanie and I have been taking advantage of the fitness center at the Yacht Club. Each morning we head up and torture our bodies for about an hour, but feel better after we're done.
Yesterday was head and water day. You ask "what is head and water day?" Well, it's my least favorite job on September Song. It consists of servicing the holding tank (I don't think you want the details on that job) and changing all the water filters and UV lamp. Gotta keep the important things in good working order. It's a sh%$*&y job, but someone has to do it.
We have been having fun with Joe and our other cruising friends the last few days and looking forward to the arrival of Tide Hiker (Norm and Vicki). I can't believe Christmas is only 5 days away. I promised Cassie and Godiva I would turn on the anchor light on Christmas Eve so Santa could find them. I don't know if they still believe in Santa or they are just putting on a good act. We heard from Gypsies and they made it to their new winter home in Key West. Sounds like a great marina they are in, especially because it is in their most favorite place in the world, besides the Bahamas, Key West. Miss you guys! Check out their blog for the details.

September Song (BRRRR!!) out

A rose between two thorns

The only thing better than a burger and a beer is a really good pizza and a beer
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