Wednesday, November 9, 2011

A dog gone good day!

Hi everybody, it's Cassie and Godiva, the September Song  boat dogs. (we're the cute ones)
We haven't posted for awhile, and we thought you might like to hear from us.
It's been pretty much boring this last few weeks. Don't get us wrong, we love cruising, but we have only had a couple of chances to go swimming, and when we are at anchor we have to use the front deck rather than some good grass. We think Mom and Dad need to use the front deck and they would see what we are barking about. When we are at a Marina Mom and Dad take us for walks in town sometimes, but we have to be on a silly leash. One good thing good about going to town is we usually get ice cream and alot of people stop and pet us. Alot of the time it's just go to shore, do our business, (important business) then back to the boat. When we are at a marina, Mom and Dad go out alot at night. When they come back they are happy. I wonder what they do that is so much fun without us? How about taking us!
Well, this last Sunday we got to go to the park for "Woof It Up". It was really great! We got to meet tons of new friends, lots of new butts to smell, great treats, and Mom and Dad bought us some really good fresh baked treats to take home. This must be like when Mom and Dad go out at night, because we were really happy when we got home too.
Some of the stuff was kind of weird. People running in a circle with their dogs prancing like sissies, then some lady would feel their whole body, look at their teeth, then tell them to go around in a circle again. I don't know why they didn't have ball chasing or fish hunting.
We are at anchor tonight (gotta use the front deck again) and tomorrow we are headed for Stuart, FL. Do you think they will have a "Woof It Up"?

September Song Dogs (woofing it up) out
Cassie and Godiva

What a good looking guy!

I had to ask this guy where can I get one of these. I could do that.

We saw this puppy and thought it would be a good one for Stephen and Pam. We could help teach it how to fish and chase balls. Oh, and do its business on the front deck.

We met this foofoo dog in a stroller with a funny hat. Please don't make us wear a funny hat Mom and Dad!
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Hey buddy, that my sister!

Well, he is kinda cute, but SO BIG! Is he a horse or a dog?

I think my sister Cassie likes this guy. Kiss, kiss. Teehee!

Hey, that's how we say hello.
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He smells good. I think I like him. Wanna come see my boat?

Hey buddy, I thought you and I were a thing. I guess he just wanted to meet my sister.

OMG! So many friends to meet and so little time.

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It was a dog gone good day!
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