Friday, March 27, 2009

Still waiting

We are still here at Marathon Marina waiting for that elusive weather window to cross to the Bahamas. It looks like Monday or Tuesday is a go. Yesterday afternoon the Bahamas bound group got together on our fly bridge for cocktails and a last compare-notes party. (any excuse works) We are all soooo excited and soooo ready for the trip.
Today is a special day in my life because it is a special day in my love's life. IT'S STEPHANIE'S BIRTHDAY! The group went to Frosty's, the restaurant here at the marina, and had a bon voyage party (excuses, excuses) and birthday party for Stephanie. When in the Keys you don't have cake for a birthday, you have Key lime pie. Yum! Happy Birthday Steph, I Love You SOOO MUCH!
If things work out, we will be leaving this weekend for an anchorage at Rodriguez Key, about 50 miles north of Marathon Marina, where we will leave from early Monday or Tuesday to cross to the Bahamas. Our first leg will be across the Gulf Stream to South Riding Rock, then another 3 to 4 hours to the middle of the Bahama Banks which is out in the middle of nowhere in 15 ft. of swimming pool clear water and drop the hook for the night. If I get lucky and catch fish trolling while we cross, we will have fresh (tuna or mahi) on the barby. The next day we will finish crossing the banks and go through customs in Nassau, spend a few day exploring Nassau, then South to the Exumas. After we cross we will have no cell phone and limited Internet connection. I installed a 5 mile wi-fi antenna so we should have a better connection than the average bear. We will be able to call with our skype (computer phone) when we have an Internet connection but the best way to get in touch with us is to e-mail us at I will be bloging and send them when we are connected. (lot's of pictures)
Wish us luck and safe travel and we will see you in the Bahamas. Well, maybe an update before.

September Song (let's go to the Bahamas) out

The Bahama bound group getting together on the fly bridge of September Song

Cute tattoo Tammy

Bon voyage party at Frosty's

It's my loves birthday (March 27th 19??)
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Godiva's favorite spot to greet people as they walk down the dock. people give her treats from time to time as they pass. (our little beggar)
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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Southernmost rendezvous

It was not only a rendezvous for cruisers, but for their best friends and ship mates. Godiva got to meet Godiva and the only way we could tell them apart was their collars. All four dogs, Cassie, Godiva, Godiva, (no, I didn't stutter) and their little buddy Salty got to meet each other ( a lot of butt smelling) and after the formalities (more butt smelling) they had a great time together. Cassie and Godiva wanted to know if they could have a sleep over butt but we said maybe another day. We also had a great time (no butt smelling!) with old friends and new ones. Old friends Gypsies in the Palace, Sea Pearl, Lucky Stars, Adventures, and new cruising friends Blessings and Algonquin were there. The food was great, and the company was even better. Thanks Robin for putting it together.
Tonight we are all going to get together at the Dockside Bar and Restaurant for dinner and the Sunday night jam session which is always a hoot.

September Song (enjoying waiting for a weather window) out

That's not Godiva, that's Godiva

The two Godivas playing at the beach

Three dogs in waiting. Through the ball dad!

Cassie, Godiva, Godiva, and Salty
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Another party?

Yes, another party!
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