Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Catch up time

It's time for you to catch up with us. We have been so many places, and having so much fun since we left you last in Portland, I haven't had time to catch you up, and when I had some time, the Internet was so slow, it would have taken all day to post.
We have been to Boothbay, Castine and met up with good friends, Jeff and Karen Siegel, Rockland for the Lobstah Festival, anchored out at Swans Island, Southwest Harbor, and stayed at cousins Bob and Tina Hinckley's dock, and spent a couple of days with them, The Acadia National Park, and Cadillac Mountain, and now we are anchored in a beautiful cove in Vinalhaven.
The weather has been great, it gets more and more beautiful as we continue North, and I'm still not tired of lobstah.
I'm not going to try to tell you about all the stops, and everything we have done. I will try to do that with the pictures.
I posted so many pictures, that you will need to click on older posts to see them all.

September Song (Loving Maine) out

A picture of our plotter gives you an idea of how rugged Maine gets as we cruise farther North, or as they call it Down East. 

Because it is so rugged, and so many hazards, there are lighthouses everywhere.
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While we were out exploring on the tender in Boothbay, we stopped at the co-op, and picked up six lobster.

They keep them sorted by size in boxes.

Waiting on the counter for their hot bath.

We already had our sea food fix for the day, so we froze the meat in milk for lobster rolls and lobster stew, when we can't get them any more.
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Just thought it was cool.

The tides are huge up here.

McSeagulls. Doug and Tammy suggested we go here. If they say it's a fun place, it is, and it was. We toasted you two there!

Amazing tides!
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So many beautiful homes on the water.

Whale watching boat going out of the harbor. we haven't seen a whale yet, but hope we do.

Exploring in the tender.
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Sailing is big up here.

All those colorful floats are lobstah traps. They are everywhere! Love what comes out of them, but it's a challenge to dodge them.

Beautiful views from the fly bridge.
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In Castine, they were holding a regatta for  classic wooden sailboats.

Beautiful 1935 Trumpy, "Enticer'.

While we were in Castine, we got a chance to spend some time with good cruising friends, Jeff and Karen. They let us use their mooring in a beautiful little cove. They also introduced us to fried corn on the cob. YUUMM! Thanks Guys!

Jeff and Karen, headed out to the mooring to pick up the whaler. Our davit is being repaired, so they were our taxi service. Thanks again!
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The view from Jeff and Karen's mooring as we left in the fog.

That's Castine, in the fog, as we passed.

Jeff, our chauffeur.
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"Are you gonna share Stephanie. When it comes to lobstah rolls, there is no sharing!

We got there too late, and they were closed. On the way South, for sure.

Another gorgeous sailboat.

This Navy ship, USS San Antonio, was anchored in Rockland Harbor for the Lobstah Festival, and they were giving tours.
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See, they not only say it that way, but spell it that way too. "lobstah'

Waiting in line for lobstah, at the Maine Lobstah Festival, in Rockland Maine. They served 20,000 at last years festival. 20,000!!!!

So many lobstahs, so little time.
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This artist does amazing sculptures of mermaids.

The artist at work.

We were lucky enough to be in Rockland for the Maine Lobstah Festival.
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The lighthouse at the end of the jetty as we came into Rockland.

This is what it looked like just before we got there.

That's one ugly fish, but oh so good.
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