Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Not good-bye, but see you next year

Today, we said good-by to Jay, Nancy, William, Judy, Bill, and Charlotte. (AKA The Bahama Bums minus two plus two) After hugs, kisses, and tears, September Song and Tides In cast off the lines in Marsh Harbour, and headed out on our first leg back to the States. We arrived around noon, anchored out at Manjack Cay, and had a wonderful last day on the beach and played in the crystal clear water. Our next leg starts tomorrow at 07:00, with a 24 hour leg to Fort Pierce, FL. It's so hard to leave our cruising friends and the Islands we love so much. We all have places to go, things to do, and new cruising adventures ahead of us that take us in different directions, but we know we will be together again somewhere on the water. Jay, Nancy, William and Judy are still in Marsh Harbour, waiting  for a new frig for Jay and Nancy's boat. They will be headed back to the States in a couple of days.
The reason I said "AKA the Bahama Bums minus two plus two" is because Steve and Kim (Maya) had to cut their trip short, because of a family issue back in the states. We sure did miss them, but word has it that they will be with us again next year. Charlotte and Bill (Omega) joined us on the tail end of our trip in the Abacos and we enjoyed them as an addition to the Bums.
While the Bahama Bums were here in the Islands, we have had several cruisers tag along with us from time to time, met lots of new cruising friends, and enjoyed the ten days Jesse and Brittany, Jay amd Nancy's Son and Daughter- in law, our adopted children, and Patti, our Daughter, who all the Bums made feel like she was one of their own. They were great to have as Bahama Bums with us.
 The weather hasn't been the best this year, but it was still a fun, exciting, and adventurous time in the Islands. We look forward to the day next spring, when September Song comes back to the Islands, and our driftwood sign on Boo Boo Hill, that we add another year to each year we return, sees us coming over the horizon, and welcomes us back.
Thanks for coming along through my blog. I hope you enjoyed you trip to our beloved Islands.
Don't jump ship yet! There's lots more adventures to come. We are headed North to New York, with lots of stops along the way, and we hope to make it as far as Maine.

September Song (another great year in the Islands) out

On Memorial Day, Phillis, one of the owners of Harbour View Marina, came out to the pool, and sang God Bless America to us. What a great job she did!

Stephen cut his finger, and needed four stitches. He needed to keep it dry. You tell me what Pam Used. We called it a thumbdom.
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Jay, grilling chicken wings for apps pool side for cocktail hour.

Hi Nancy!

Stephen needed a pain killer for his stitched up thumb, so he had a pain killer in a Nippers cup.
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I think I will use this one on our Christmas card this year.....If I send any.

Cassie, on the hunt. Cassie, that's not a fish, it's the tender anchor.

Relaxing in the crystal clear water of the Islands for the last time this year.

Can't leave the Islands without one last batch of jello shots.
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I'm sure you have heard the song, Toes in the Water, Ass in the Sand.

Tides In and September Song, anchored off Manjack Cay.

Life's a beach! Our last in the Islands this year.

Two tired puppies, after a long day of play at the beach.
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Mom and her girls, playing at the beach at Manjack Cay.

This is the other part of the song. Toes in the Water---------Cold beer in My Hand
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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Time goes too quickly

Time went by way too quickly. The ten days Patti was with us flew by, and we wished we could have unplugged the clock. The time we did have was so very special. We didn't get to do all the things we wanted to do, but just the three of us being together (+2. Can't forget about Cassie and Godiva) again was wonderful.
It was even more special, because our cruising friends (The Bahama Bums) were with us the whole way to share a special time, and welcome Patti as if she were their own. Thanks so much guys!
After ten days of cruising, fun adventures, lots of laughs, special moments, lots of dancing to Island music, the yummy Island drinks, and tearful hugs and kisses goodbye, she is headed back to the land of Lincoln.
What a special daughter we have, and we love and miss her already.

September Song (Love, Love, Love Ya Patti!) out

Patti, enjoying the view from the bow of September Song, as we cruise to Marsh Harbour.

Patti, in the co-captain seat on the fly bridge.

Enjoying our last lazy afternoon in the pool.
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I think Patti likes Pam's jello shots.

How many ways can you eat a jello shot? Nancy (AKA lizard tongue) will show you.

A going away present from Jay and Nancy. It says "Lady White Tip, we'll miss you". Yes, we will.
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We promised her some stone crab claws. Now that's one huge claw!

The Bahama Bums, on Patti's last night with us. After playtime in the pool, we (Jay) fired up the blender, we grilled out poolside, tasted each others recipes for rum punch, and had a fun last night together with Patti. Thanks again Bahama Bums, for making her time with us so special.

OH, we can't forget Pam's (AKA The Jello Shot Queen) special chocolate cherry jello shots. Remember, there's always room for jello!
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Dinner at Curly Tails before heading out to party with the Bums.

My beautiful dinner dates!

Dancing with my daughter to the Island beat. What fun, and I'm pretty sure she has fallen in love with the Islands.

Brown Tip Rake and Scrape said they wanted her to stay, and they would give her a job. Ain't she cute. The Islands are going to miss you. Us too!
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Eddie (rake and Scrape) and Patti, dancing on stage.

No Eddie, she's already spoken for.

The girl has got the moves!

These guys (especially the one in the red shirt) begging us to stay a little longer with Patti.
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