Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I'm back!

Well, Stephanie, (AKA my computer wizard) fixed the problem I was having with my blog. She's the smartest lady I know.
I'm going to do this a little different than my usual, because I've got a lot of catching up to do, (Sixteen days) so I'm going to do it a port at a time.
Our first stop after leaving Portland, ME (goodbye Maine :-/ ) was Rockport, MA. Rockport is a gorgeous fishing village and artist colony, unlike Portland and some of the other towns we have been in, that are beautiful and fun, but not quite as scenic as Rockport. The harbor is small, and very well protected, with lots of lobster boats, and very little in the way of dockage, moorings, or marinas for our size boat. The harbor master was very accommodating, and put us on a wall right in front of one of the most photgraphed and painted buildings in the North East, Motif #1. The two days we stayed there, September Song was photographed many times by people along with the building. The tides here are still around 12 foot, and it was a real climb to get on and off the boat during low tide.

September Song (enjoy Rockport) out

September Song, docked in front of Motif #1 at high tide.

Me, climbing the ladder at low tide.

This gives you and idea of how far it is down the ladder to September Song. Hi honey!

Everyone else passing this spot was taking pictures, so I thought we should have our picture taken too.
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Our view of the harbor at low tide, of the little boats they row out to the lobster boats moored in the harbor.

There are a lot of spots, like this in Rockport, that people paint and take pictures of.

This is one of the lobster shacks you can go into, pick out your seafood, they cook it, and you go outside, and find a scenic little spot to enjoy it.
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People, inside the lobsterman's shack, picking out their seafood. You need to get there early, because by 15:00, they're closed.

This guy sitting on the rocks is doing it the old fashioned way to get his seafood.

Our view of Rockport Harbor, with the sun still shining on the buildings as it sets.

Visitors to the boat, looking for a hand out.
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The streets of Rockport, MA.

Oh ya, got to have some of that home made ice cream.

More of what gets photographed and painted in Rockport.

Cassie and Godiva had to stay on the boat because of the climb to get off, so Godiva took it all in while taking a dog nap on the front deck. Her picture was taken several times by people passing by.
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More of the views from September Song.

This was on the side of Motif #1. A great fisherman, a better man. Lost at sea 13 October 1988. Fishing isn't an easy life.

Another  photographed and painted building.

Did I mention....Home made ice cream!
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