Monday, March 19, 2012

Ron and Rena arrive in Marathon

My brother Ron and Sister-in-law Rena, arrived in Marathon from Moline, IL late afternoon on Friday, and some of the cruising gang came over to welcome them back. It is great to have them back, and LET THE PARTY BEGIN! Well, continue. Friday night (30 minutes after they arrived) it was off to the Keys Fisheries for happy hour, Rena's first oysters of the trip, stone crab claws, and a toast to their first sunset in the Keys. I didn't take a count, but there were about 20 of our cruising friends who came over to help get their stay started right. After we left the Fisheries, it was off to a dock party here at our Marina.
I'm going to do this in three blogs, (Friday Saturday and Sunday) because, well, it just needs to be.
Oh, did I mention, our best friends, Doug and Tammy drove down from Cocoa to be (play) with us for the next three days. Now you know it's going to be a wild ride.
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September Song (hang on for the ride!)  not out yet.

Ron and Rena arriving at September Song. Time to put on the shorts guys.

Fun on the fly bridge and a cool drink after that long trip.

Steve and Kim just got back, and their beautiful daughter, Stephanie, and her boyfriend, John, (he's a keeper) came back with them to spend a few days. They won't be the same when they go back home!  
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Rena's first oysters. HAPPY GIRL!

'Gotta try one of those bloody mary oyster shots".

A dock party is always a great way to end the night. 
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Gotta do the Stuffed Pig for Breakfast.

"Here's to you all back at home"

Time to chill out on the front deck after the Pig. Yes, and we were piggy's.

Time to get ready for the St. Paddy's party at Dockside Bar. Ain't she cute!
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St. Paddy's Day

In the true tradition, we all put on our green, ate corn beef and cabbage and mulligan stew, drank way too much, and became Irish. The six of us were joined by eighteen of our cruising friends and dock mates for one hell of a party.

Godiva had to try this on.

And we couldn't leave Cassie out. She was so cute. Is there such a thing as an Irish lab? I guess on St. Patty's Day there is.

A little pre-party get together on September Song.
Pam, (AKA our Jello Shot Queen) didn't let us down.
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"Kiss me, I'm Irish" 

Everything went green. Why just the middle finger? Did you run out of polish?

Love your hat Katie

I don't know who this guy is, but had to take his picture.
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Doug, you didn't like the stew? Oh, you just licking off the last of it.

What can I say about Nancy? I think she is camera shy.

Yep, camera shy.
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The corn beef and cabbage was the best ever. Just ask Ron.

Nice tie Rick

Oh no! Tammy, you are so bad.

It's always nice to see mother and daughter sharing. For a price, I won't pass this on to your family up north.I know how much grief  you got the last time.
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Is that an Irish jig you're doing?

No Jay, I won't kiss you. Oh, and you can't even swim. (inside joke) Some thing about a diver. Ask Jay the next time you see him. He also has the finest wood in the neighborhood.

Phred is a real Irishman. Really! And so cute, or at least Candy thinks so. OK, we do too.

Mother and daughter dance. For a price, it will be our little secret about what you two did next. Oh, by the way, I saved the shot glasses for you. Remember, it will be our little secret.
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A lady of many faces and talents. Maybe you will think twice before you take my camera on a photographing tour. 

Sobriety test. D-!

And the band played on. And we stayed till the end......and then some!
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This is the "and then some"

Jay has fallen down on our aft deck........And I don't think he wants to get up nurse Tammy.

Take a careful look at what is in our trash compactor. Is that a five hour energy mixed in with all the empty beer cans? It had been compacted two times before this, and it's full again. No that's not all we do is drink and eat....We laugh alot too! Happy St. Paddy's Day!
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Here we go....Key West again?

Not wanting to let Ron and Rena get bored, we hopped in the van the next morning, and the Six (Me, Stephanie, Doug, Tammy, Ron and Rena) of us headed out for the Key West Playground.......after Bloody Marys. Hey, you need to have a good breakfast to start your day. You will be happy to know, I settled for coffee. Someone has to be the DD for this wild and crazy group.
What a fun day, and no bail needed.

September Song (what a fun three days!) Now I'm out

Our favorite stop on the way to Key West.

First stop was Paradise Tattoo. Stephanie wanted to add a turtle to her dolphin tatt. 

OK, now that we are here, I get my breakfast, and boy was I hungry.

We figured it would be a good thing if we ate before heading over to Irish Kevin's. We stopped at one of our favorite spots, Fogerty's. Don't pay any attention to those bottles on the table.
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