Monday, March 19, 2012

Ron and Rena arrive in Marathon

My brother Ron and Sister-in-law Rena, arrived in Marathon from Moline, IL late afternoon on Friday, and some of the cruising gang came over to welcome them back. It is great to have them back, and LET THE PARTY BEGIN! Well, continue. Friday night (30 minutes after they arrived) it was off to the Keys Fisheries for happy hour, Rena's first oysters of the trip, stone crab claws, and a toast to their first sunset in the Keys. I didn't take a count, but there were about 20 of our cruising friends who came over to help get their stay started right. After we left the Fisheries, it was off to a dock party here at our Marina.
I'm going to do this in three blogs, (Friday Saturday and Sunday) because, well, it just needs to be.
Oh, did I mention, our best friends, Doug and Tammy drove down from Cocoa to be (play) with us for the next three days. Now you know it's going to be a wild ride.
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September Song (hang on for the ride!)  not out yet.

Ron and Rena arriving at September Song. Time to put on the shorts guys.

Fun on the fly bridge and a cool drink after that long trip.

Steve and Kim just got back, and their beautiful daughter, Stephanie, and her boyfriend, John, (he's a keeper) came back with them to spend a few days. They won't be the same when they go back home!  
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