Saturday, August 22, 2009

Urbanna, VA

After a couple of days at anchor after leaving Kingsmill we traveled to Urbanna, VA. a little town on the banks of the Urbanna Creek. Our plan was to anchor just across from the town dock and use the family car to go to shore and explore. When we arrived, the anchorage was small, but we could fit. I picked out a spot, Stephanie on the front deck gave me the thumbs up, and I started to drop the anchor. After about 20 foot of chain had gone out it stopped. Stephanie went down to check the chain locker and it looked OK. After several attempts to free the chain from the tube going to the locker I could see it was going to take some work. Gypsies had anchored and were having a cold one on their fly bridge and wondering what the heck we were doing. They knew something was wrong when they saw me pulling in about 50# of chain and a 55# anchor by hand. To make matters worse, we had hooked a crab pot on the anchor while floating around in the anchorage. After releasing the crab pot I called the town dock and got a slip because there was no way I was going to try to fix the problem floating around in the anchorage. While Stephanie and I tried pulling the chain one way, then the next, Doug put their tender in and came over to help. After much banging on the tube to the chain locker and pulling, I could see it was time to get out the tools. I climbed through the access door and into the chain locker (just big enough for me and the chain) and removed the slide tube. That did the trick. After we put things back together it was time for Doug to pull me out. Size 10 in a size 9 shoe. Thanks for the help Doug. After all that we figured it was time to go to "town" and get a cold one. Dinner was one of my favorites, a burger and a beer. Today we went into town on the 25 cent trolley and found some great stores to explore and an old time soda fountain in an old time drug store and had old fashioned root beer floats. Things were simple back then and it's fun to relive those times from time to time. These little towns on the Chesapeake are fun to explore, and we have just begun.

September Song (stuck in the chain locker) out

Doug and Tammy enjoying our ride on the 25 cent trolley that takes you to several stops in Urbanna

The Shoe department

Some things have been on the shelves since this store was opened
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It's cool to go back in time in some of these little towns and their stores that time has forgotten

Watching as our root beer floats are being made at the soda fountain in this old drug store

Our floats being made

Four happy kids with our old fashioned root beer floats
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fun with the kids

While the kids were here we had to do some things besides birthday parties. Between Busch Gardens, the pool, the beach, Yorktown, and other assorted things, they thought they could wear me out. NO WAY! They are such great kids. It was great to have them all here at one time and I will miss them. Love you!
September Song (fun, fun, fun!) out

You tell me what they are doing

Ready for a 3-D

There in that group somewhere

Waiting in line
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I recognize those feet

Down they come

There they go
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Ready, set........


The ones in the front seat are mine

Cassie taught D.J. and Austin how to catch fish
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Austin and Cassie's new friend

Cassie and a new friend

Cooling off in the pool

Aren't they cute
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Posing for our portrait

Big gun lady

Nice hat! Nice flower on the hat!
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Playing dress-up

Our colonist

Ice cream, got to have Ice cream

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SURPRISE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sorry it took so long to post this blog, but I was having too much fun with the kids.
This whole weekend was in the planning stages, I find out, in May while we were in the Exumas. I remember, and I was reminded, of the day we were at a bar that had Internet and I was blogging and Stephanie was e-mailing something. I leaned over to look and she closed her screen. How rude, we share everything. Well I was pissy the rest of the day. (Stephanie says a couple of days) She, as always forgave me, and I soon forgot. (sorry hon) I find out now that everyone was in on it from the start. The planning that she had to do, especially because we are cruising and our plan is we have no plan, and we are sticking to it, had to be a real big task. Well, she pulled it off and I was totally surprised. What a weekend! Patti, Kerri, Brianne, Austin, Lex, and D.J. my daughters and grandchildren all flew in. Doug and Tammy (Stephanie's partners in crime) were here because we are traveling together, Steen and Trudy, Norm and Vickie, and Rick and Lynnie all left their boats and drove here just to help in the surprise and celebrate my birthday with me. What a surprise (I think I said that before) it was and what a great time we all had. (mostly me) Also thanks to all who called and e-mailed birthday wishes. This is one I will always remember. A special thanks to Doug and Tammy for all the help you gave Stephanie in putting this wonderful weekend together and being such good cruising friends and buddy boaters. Thanks to Tammy I have lots of pictures to share with everyone. I was too busy with my mouth open, and wondering what was going to happen next, to take pictures and Stephanie was too busy making thing happen. Last but not least, my wonderful wife, partner, lover, and admiral of our ship, Stephanie. She is the best. I can say I don't feel sixty and hope I feel as good as I do now for many cruising years to come with the love of my life. As life's2short says, "You only have so many days in this life, but the ones at sea don't count against you" so we're not counting, we're cruising.
Love you Stephanie!
September Song (surprised) out

My mouth was in this position most of the weekend.
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Doing a little exploring in Williamsburg, enjoying a great wine and cheese lunch, Doug on the phone talking to his daughter and kids who are going to meet up with us, and just having an enjoyable afternoon. Doug heads out to find his daughter and we do a little window shopping. I look across the street and I say to myself as Doug approaches, that doesn't look like Doug's daughter, who we met two days before with Doug.
OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!! It's Patti and Brianne. HOLY SH!!!!T, was I surprised. Patti and Brianne were in Las Vegas last I knew. Well, they flew from Las Vegas to be here for my birthday. (the first of many surprises)

Wine, cheese, and bread lunch in Williamsburg

Do I look surprised? Well YA!!!!

So happy to see them
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Getting my first look at Patti's engagement ring. Treat her good, Pete, she is a special girl.

Great to be together
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I'm sitting in the salon and I hear Stephanie say, "BOB, you need to come out here." I think, are we being too loud and someone is here to complain. Can you say SURPRISE!!!!!!!!!! Do I look surprised? Well YA!

OH MY GOD, It's Kerri, Lex, Austin, and DJ standing on the dock

The whole family is here. I can't believe it!!!!
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