Sunday, July 25, 2010

I caught one!!!!!!

For those friends of Mom and Dad's that have been to the beach with us, you know how hard I work on catching a fish. Godiva just chases a silly ball and I do all the hard work. Well, today was the day!!!!!
It was a little shark and when I bite it it squeakes. I told all of you I would catch one some day. Well, maybe it's not a real live fish, but I pretend like it is. Dad makes it swim like a real one and then throws it and I chase it down and catch it. Don't tell Dad I know it's only a rubber one and spoil all our fun.
It's been hot here and after we got back from the Water Festival Mom and Dad have been working a little on the house and then taking a break now and then to cool off and play with us in the pool. I think you should come on your boat and dock at our dock (Mom and Dad said we have plenty of room and power) and see my fish and play with me and Godiva. The pool is open and the dock is free!!!

September Song dog (come see the fish I caught!!) out

That's me chasing the fish

Got it!

That's me bringing it out of the water.

I told you I would catch one some day!
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We love playing with Dad in the pool

Godiva love hanging out on the float

Except when she's chasing a ball

Just one more time dad!
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