Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Clouds and rain

Not much in the way of pictures as it has been cloudy with off and on rain. There was a low pressure system off the coast of Cuba that has made for some unsettled weather. Thank God it isn't a tropical wave, although there was talk of sending a hurricane hunter plane to check it out. I am not complaining mind you, it's been nice to see our first rain in months and just chill for a couple of days. Besides, the Bahamas needed it. This afternoon the winds calmed and the sun came out, so we did take the girls to the beach for a swim and I snorkeled around the boat. The weather forecast for the next several days is for light winds and sunny skies so we should get in lots of exploring, beach time, snorkeling and take lots of pictures. (I promise)Tomorrow, Wednesday, we are going to move to Hawksbill Cay a few miles North where we will stay for a couple of days, then go a few miles North of that to Shroud Cay, (both are uninhabited) and then a few more stops (we will know where when we get there) before we get to the Berry Islands where we will have our next Internet connection. (sorry) We did meet some new friends here. Mike and Harriet on Dual Dreams and Chet and Linda on Cygnet. Mike and Harriet are also friends with Life's2Short and Chet and Linda are Defever owners and were scheduled to attend the Rendezvous at Cabbage Key this last winter, but they had to cancel at the last minute because Linda had to have an emergency appendectomy. They are both neat cruising couples and I'm sure our paths will cross again.

September Song (I know, I know, More pictures) out

Approaching storm

Our last sunset in the North anchorage in the park
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