Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Saying goodbye to Nassau

Yesterday was our last day in Nassau as we are leaving for the remote Islands of the Exumas today. The day was filled with checking weather, laundry, a few provisions, and a trip to the Poop Deck for happy hour.
The Yacht parked next to us is the Octopussy, from the James Bond Movie and is 143 foot and travels at 65 miles per hour with jet drive. The owner also owns Cansio Royale which is parked over at Atlantis. The owner always has to have the fastest yacht in the world. He started out as a car mechanic and then ended up being one of the largest car dealers in the world. Go figure.
Because the Exumas are so remote, I will save the blogs and post them when I can get a connection.

September Song (headed for the Exumas) out

This is the Yacht parked next to us, Octopussy, from the James Bond Movie of the same name

Happy hour at the Poop Deck

Doug, Tammy, and Stephanie at the Poop Deck

Colleen, Carol, and Dan. High five Dan
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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Can't get enough of the local food

After our trip to Atlantis we decided we didn't want a $12.00 hamburger at Atlantis, so we went back to Potters Cay to try something different this time. Stephanie had Conch Fritters, I had  Cracked Conch(deep fried), Doug and Tammy had Cracked Conch, Colleen had a Conch Salad, and John had fried local fish. (including the head)
After our local fix we headed to downtown Nassau, stopped at a few shops, then went to the Bacardi outlet and had samples, then had some more samples. (yes, we did buy something) After our long day and long walk we decided to take a Taxi back to the marina, don our poolside clothes, or lack there of and meet by the pool to cool off for the afternoon/evening/night. We all shared a rum cake Stephanie and I bought (no plates, just forks) along with a little liquid refreshment, then Doug and I walked to KFC (yes they do have one of those here) and returned to poolside for a late dinner. Is this fun or what?

September Song (Maxed out for the day) out

Doug and Tammy enjoying a cold one while waiting for lunch

Ain't she cool!

The view of Potters Cay where you can get the local dishes

Preparing a Conch Salad at Tall Boys for Colleen
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Cracked Conch and Conch fritters. OH YA!

John with what's left (the head) after eating a snapper. The say the head is the best part, John

A beautiful lady I bought 6 limes from.

A must stop! lots of samples
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Atlantis, Paradise Island, Nassau

Six of the group went to Atlantis, Paradise Island for the afternoon and it was quite spectacular, but if you have been to LasVegas and Disneyland you have seen Atlantis. It was worth seeing and a little overwhelming but we have our own Paradise. Whereever we are on September Song it is a little of Paradise, especially here in the Bahamas. I did play blackjack for about 30 minutes and decided when I hit 16 and got 21 and was even at that time, it was time to quit. They didn't get any of my stinking money!

September Song (I love our Paradise) out

As you enter Atlantis it is like Disneyland and Vegas rolled into one

The aquarium at Atlantis

Yes, they do have a Casino.
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The beach at Atlantis

The lost City of Atlantis

The harbo(u)r at Atlantis

The Atlantis group; John, Colleen, Stephanie, Tammy, Doug, and me behind the camera

Sure is big!

Good looking group, especially the one in the center
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Monday, April 6, 2009

Conch salad

When in the Bahamas you need to try all the local food. Stephanie and I went to Potters Cay where the locals eat, and tried one of the local favorites, Conch Salad. It was a real treat just watching Mr. Seymour remove the live conch from the shell, clean it, chop up all the ingredients and serve it up in a bowl. It was really good, but really hot, so afterwards we headed for the nearest Ice Cream Stand to cool our mouths down.

September Song (hot stuff) out

This is what they look like before they get cleaned

Add this to the conch

Take the conch out of the shell live and clean it (you eat it raw)

There is a real art to cleaning a conch
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Mr. Seymour and Stephanie holding what became lunch

Mr. Seymour cleaning the meat from the conch

Onion, tomato, bell pepper, hot pepper, lime and orange juice
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Surprised by a parade

Sunday while exploring Nassau we were pleasantly surprised by a Palm Sunday parade. Youth groups dancing in the street, a band that was really good, and the Pastor leading the whole group on his donkey.

Their instruments were barrels made into drums and other things I didn't recognise
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The Pastor leads the parade on a donkey

Bobbies keeping watch. They don't smile!

Isn't she cute
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The Palm Sunday Parade

Local produce stand

Would you like to buy back the hubcap I stole from you last night Mon?

The little band. The trumpet player was great for his age

Senor Frog's, a local hot spot
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