Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Don't laugh!

Provisioning is always a long walk and a longer walk back with all the stuff. Well, I see old ladies with these carts, so we now have an "old ladies cart". Quit laughing!
On the way back, we stopped at this little floating, I guess we will call it a lunch room. What great food and what a fun lady. Always fun to find these little unusual, fun, good food places in the Islands.
Time to go exploring in town, after a trip to the little floating ??????? for lunch.

September Song (what would you call it?) out

If all else fails, read the instructions. Putting together our "old lady cart" to go provisioning.

Headed out with my "old lady cart" and shopping bags to get provisions. Don't laugh.....You're laughing!
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Found this floating, I guess you would call it... well, I don't know what to call it, but what a find. Conky Joe's is family run and has great conch salad, cracked conch, fish, and a whole lot of other good things. We picked up a conch salad and some cracked conch for lunch after our provisioning trip to Maxwell's. I think another trip there today is on the agenda. It's always fun to find these kind of places in the Islands.

This is the owners daughter and four year old son bringing another fresh batch of conch to clean.

They keep the conch fresh and alive by putting a hole in the lip of the shell, putting them on a rope, and hanging them off the dock.

The guy on the left is Rick, another cruiser who is single-handing and joined us for happy hour. Nice pajamas, Rick!

The gang at poolside for happy hour and a BBQ.

Chef Jay Bird at the grill. Medium rare Jay!

When we share a meal we always have dessert. The brownie cheesecake passed around was good, but the whip cream in the mouth to finish it off was the best. Yes Tammy, the tradition continues.


On to Marsh Harbour

We had a nice cruise to Marsh Harbour Sunday. The winds were good for sailing, so Summer Wind, one of our buddy boats, put up the sails.

Serendipity, another buddy boat, did the same.
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Our cruising group welcomed Julia's niece, Natasha, and celebrated Julia's Birthday early at Mango's Sunday night.
On a sad note, Julia's mother suffered a stroke and Julia and Natasha flew out Monday to be with her mother in New York. We all hope everything goes well Julia, and it was nice to meet you Natasha.

Our colorful bartender at Mango's who fixes a mean rum punch.

The beautiful Julia and her niece Natasha.
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Saturday, before we headed to Harbour View Marina on Sunday to rendezvous with Sea Pearl and spend a few days exploring Marsh Harbour while waiting out a couple of windy days, the group decided we needed to check out the bars (bar hop) on Lubbers Quarters.

Cracker P's, on Lubber's Quarter

As you walk up the dock to the bar, these signs are posted.
You've left the rat race.....Welcome to the conch crawl

Dawg's are fine...Beware of the chef

Slow down Mon... You're in the Bahamas

If you need to be out in 5 minutes...Sorry...Wrong place

Who needs charts when you have one of these.
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You remember I said that most bars in the Islands have things that people have left to let others know they were there. Cracker P's has mugs.

In most bars in the Islands, dogs are welcome. These two live here. "Lucky Dogs"

Cracker P's Bar

The view from Cracker P's Bar

I would give up the cherry out of my rum punch for only one person in the world and you know who that would be.

Pam and Stephen, holding up their end of the Bar.....gin.

Jay Bird is at it again. I think we should have one of these installed on his boat.

This sign at the end of the bar at Lubbers Landing says it all. Welcome...God is great...beer is good...and people are crazy.
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The Admirals taking a much needed break at Lubber's Landing Bar after lunch and a few rum punches at Cracker P's.

"Is this where I can take my afternoon nap after I finish this rum punch?"

The beach at Lubber's Landing Bar

This is what happens when you sit down at the computer to do a blog after an afternoon of bar hopping. I didn't know Stephanie took this picture until I woke up two hours latter.
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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Where are we?

It has been a week since my last post, and this is the first good Internet connection we have had since we were in Spanish Wells.
We are now in the Abacos and will have Internet for most of our next few weeks while we explore (drink, eat, play, and terrorizing) the Abacos. While we are here, the Gypsies (Doug and Tammy) will be joining us in a couple of weeks. OMG...Now the party can really begin.
Again, because it is so long, you will need to click on older posts to see the entire post.

September Song (anyone have discount coupons for Betty Ford?) out

We all wanted to go to Harbour Island, but didn't want to take our boats through the "Devils Backbone" a huge reef area between Spanish Wells and Harbour Island. We decided to take the fast ferry Bo Hengy II.

Leaving Spanish Wells on the ferry.

One of the many lobster boats getting ready to go out from Spanish Wells, the lobster capital of the Bahamas.

We are used to going eight knots. The ferry runs at about twenty-five to thirty knots. Hang on!
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Love this sign. For mercy sake, NO WAKE. Thank you

When the five boats left Spanish Wells, we hired a pilot to take us through the "Devil's Backbone". It is a reef area that has sunk many a boat. September Song was the lead boat and this is Clayton at the helm of September Song. His boat is tied to our stern. It was a real trick getting him into his boat in the waves after we reached open water.
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Coming into Harbour Island on the fast ferry.

MT "Wuman". Poor, black & famous. The locals' boats don't look like much, but they serve the purpose.

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