Thursday, June 9, 2011

Hope Town

We had not been in the Hope Town Lighthouse in all the times we have been here. What a neat lighthouse. We climbed the 101 steps to the top, crawled through a two by two foot door and saw one of the most beautiful views of Hope Town. Today we went to Cracker P's (more about that in the next blog) and our bartender is a daughter of one of the retired Lighthouse Keepers.What great stories about how she grew up in the Light House Keepers homes at the lighthouse. The light turns on a bed of mercury and must be wound like a clock every three and one half hours to keep it turning. It is one of only three lighthouses in the Bahamas that are tended by keepers. The lighthouse was her and her ten brothers and sisters playground.
Got to go take a shower. We're headed to Captain Jacks for happy hour.

September Song (is there hope for us in Hope Town?) out

Hope Town Lighthouse

Built in 1864, candle power 250,000, visibility 17 miles, 120 feet above sea level and 101 steps to the top.

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View of the harbour at Hope Town from the Lighthouse. That's September Song moored in the middle of the harbour.

View of the entrance to Hope Town Harbor.
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Beautiful view! The view of the harbour is great too.

Doug decided to stay inside and look out the window. I'm outside with my back to the wall.

To get to the outside, you have to crawl through a two by two foot door.

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The last set of steps to the top are straight up.

Looking down the stairwell from the top. Scary!

Back to ground level.
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View of the Hope Town Lighthouse from the other side of the harbour.

The streets of Hope Town

Hope Town Fire and Rescue.

Ice cream time.
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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Just another day in paradise!

After our trip (stumble) to Nippers, Grabbers, and Pirates Cove Monday, it was time for a day of relaxing at the beach. Bakers Bay has some of the most beautiful beaches in the Abacos. The beach we were at had the calm Sea of Abaco on one side, and just a short walk across the beach and we were on the Atlantic side of the beach.
In the evening we all got together on September Song for mahi on the grill. Bahamian mac and cheese, salad, and finished the evening off with Pam's jello shots. What a perfect day!
I think Doug and Tammy are ready to stay. Us too!

September Song (perfect day) out

Doug and Tammy, "in the Islands again"

Stephen, checking the family cars.

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Just another day in Paradise.

"I love you uncle Doug!"

A view of the Sea of Abaco side.

Happy girl!
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The beach on the Atlantic side of Bakers Bay.

Cassie, playing in the waves.

Godiva, having play time with Stephen. Next year you will get to see Stephen playing with their new puppy.
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Monday night we all got together on September Song for mahi on the grill, Bahamian mac and cheese, salad, and lots of laughs.

Always room for jello (shots)! After dinner we had jello shots compliments of Pam, "the jello shot queen".

And those are just Jays!
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The Gypsies (Doug and Tammy) arrived Saturday afternoon and we were all waiting for them at the pool. Can you say pool party!
The next morning we left Harbour View for the pig roast at Nippers. What a blast we had! Ah, it was an awesome sight, those Gypsies in the Nippers Palace.
I'm not going to go through a lengthy explanation of Nippers and what we did, or should not have done. Nippers is one of those places that you can't explain, you have to experience it, and man did we experience it!
I made a few comments on some of the pictures, but I think most of them don't need an explanation. Besides, it's late and I need to go to bed so we can go play with the Gypsies again tomorrow.

September Song (NIPPERS!) out

A beer and a rum punch?
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First stop, Grabbers.

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