Monday, September 6, 2010

St. Augustine with the Gypsies

Friday we headed South, Doug and Tammy headed North and we met in St. Augustine for a couple of fun days. It seemed so weird packing a bag, taking the girls to the kennel, (they had a suite for two) and heading out in a car for a road trip. We haven't done that in over three years. All of our time traveling has been on September Song.
Friday afternoon we met up with Doug and Tammy at the pool at the hotel and played catch up and then headed out to do a little exploring and a lot of bar hopping. Well not too many Friday night. (spent most of the night at Scarlett's)
Saturday We did some of the touristy stuff. We started at the Alligator Farm which was way cool, climbed the 219 steps to the top of the St. Augustine Lighthouse, and went out to the beach, but didn't have our suits and wished we had our boogie boards.
Saturday night we started off at Scarlett's and from there we were on the hunt for as many funky bars and good music in St. Augustine as we could find. We found, I think, most of the funky fun places in St. Augustine, but good music is hard to find there. It didn't really matter, anytime the four of us are together we always have a great time.
The time went by far too quickly and it was time to say, not a sad goodbye on Sunday, but see you soon. Doug is a working stiff now and had to go to work on Monday. We will see them in the fall in Cocoa where Gypsies in the Palace is docked, and spend a little more time with them then. They should have all the good places scoped out.

September Song (can't wait to cast off the lines) out

Our master stateroom for the next two nights

The Gypsies are here, the Gypsies are here!!!!!! Started off with drinks and catch up at the pool.

Our favorite bar in St. Augustine, Scarlett O'Hara's

Drinks, wings and rings with good friends. It doesn't get any better than that.
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St. Augustine Alligator Farm and Zoological Park
I'll bet you thought all we were going to do while in St. Augustine with the Gypsies was look for funky bars, great wings, (Ya, we ate a bunch of those) and good music.

Yes, he is a white (albino) gator. It would be weird to see one of these in the wild!

Let's go swimming. NOT!
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It's a long way up there! Do they have an elevator? No, just 219 narrow steps.
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A beautiful view from the top.

I said the view was beautiful. Two beautiful ladies!

Stephanie and Tammy looked over the edge. Doug and I stayed against the wall.

A long way down!
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The St. Augustine Lighthouse. 219 steps up and 219 down.

Exploring can make you real thirsty, so we made a stop at the Conch House Marina Bar to replenish our liquids.

Late Saturday afternoon we went out to the beach to check it out. The beer was cold and the wings were great. Oh, the beach was good too. Wish we had our boogie boards with us.

Bye Gypsies. It was an awesome time as usual, but way too short. See you in Cocoa.
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