Monday, December 7, 2009

Dressed for Christmas

It's a little strange decorating for Christmas when it's 80 degrees out. Who said it isn't Christmas without snow? I will ask again after the storm hits the Midwest this week (12 to 15 inches of snow) and we are going to be in the low to mid 80's, and we will see how many people agree with me. Sure, snow is pretty, but I prefer white sand to white snow. September Song is in the holiday spirit and I don't think she would like her decks covered with snow. To start the holidays Doug and Tammy joined us for an early Christmas dinner on Sunday. Doug and Tammy left today to go to a yard about 4 hours away to have Gypsy hauled to have the bottom painted and a bunch of other miscellaneous stuff done, then are headed farther South to Key West for the winter. We didn't want to miss Christmas with our cruising buddies so we pretended it was Christmas. This last week has been non stop fun with them trying to cram in as much as possible before they left. We will miss them, but I'm sure we will be together off and on in the future. Our other cruising friends are going to start showing up next week (32 boats when they are all here in January) and I'm sure it will be a non stop party. After that we will probably all need to check into Betty Ford to dry out. Not really, we just have alot of fun. I need to get all my stuff (wax on wax off) done before they all get here so this week may be a little boring, but stay tuned, there will be alot going on after this week and I will take you along. Also don't forget, your going fishing with us for the "BIG ONE."

September Song (man it's hot here) out

September Song all dressed up for Christmas

Our Charlie Brown Tree

The ships bell
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The annual boat parade in Stuart was a bust. It was rainy and windy Saturday so not many boats dressed up. It took longer to stand in line for something to drink than it took for the boat parade

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This is what we see every night when it's time to turn in. Our bed warmers. "Do we have to move?"

Such a face

Godiva speaks with her eyes
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My new good luck fishing hat from Doug and Tammy

Perfect cup for Stephanie. Says It's exhausting always being right

Early Christmas with Doug and Tammy. They will be leaving Monday to go to the yard to be pulled, have the bottom done, get the mustache shaved off and wax their baby. When they're finished they head to Key West for the winter. We have been cruising with them for several months. It's been great fun. We will miss you Doug and Tammy! Good luck and be safe.
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