Friday, January 23, 2009

Getting warmer again

The weather is warming up with the forecast for the next several days to be in the high 70's and low 80's and sunny. Wednesday morning we picked up a rental car for a week and had lunch with our friends, Tide Hiker and Rickshaw, on Tide Hiker. With the weather being on the cool side I did some more polishing. No, not outside, but inside, polishing 800 gallons of fuel. How do you polish fuel you say? with a fuel polisher, of course.
Thursday I played taxi for our friends on Tide Hiker and Rickshaw. When you are traveling you accumulate a list of needs and must do's and it's nice to have a car. We went to West Marine, K-Mart, Napa Auto parts, Walgreen's, the bike shop, Office Depot, Dive Shop, Bealls, Home Depot, hardware store, Post Office, and Publix. did I leave any out? At the half way point we went back to September Song and gave them a tour of the boat and had Cubans (good job Stephanie) on the fly bridge. At lunch we made plans to go fishing on Saturday and a trip to Key West first of the week.
I think I will do a little more waxing (still not finished but getting there) and then we will go exploring in the car in the afternoon.

September Song (shorts and tee's again) out

Polishing fuel

Big group waiting for sunset

And another beauty

Clouds on the water at sunset
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Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inauguration Day

Today is a great day in our Nations history. We can only hope that the future turns out the way we all hope and pray it will. Good luck President Obama.
Yesterday was another waxing day (almost done) and I am glad I only have to do it once a year.
Our friends, Norm and Vickie on Tide Hiker, a DeFever 49 RPH like our old September Song, and Rick and Lynnie on Rickshaw, a 44 DeFever arrived from their long trip from the North. I'm sure they are glad to be here.
Last night we attended a concert with some of our friends at the marina, An Evening of Rogers and Hammerstein hits. What a great concert.
Today we will be hold up in the salon watching the Inauguration.
I sure wish you guys would keep your cold fronts up north. Yesterday a front moved through and dropped the temps to the lower 70's with another to arrive today that will keep us in the mid 60's for a couple of days. I know, I know, would I like a little cheese with that whine.

September Song (a historic day) out

Our friends on Tide Hiker coming in

Just can't get enough of the beautiful sunsets
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