Saturday, October 8, 2011

It's all about the people you meet

In the last few weeks, we have met up with so many cruising friends, including Jeff and Karen Siegel. Jeff and Karen sing a song that says "it's all about the people that you meet." We have met so many people  over our years of cruising. I don't know how many cruising friends and others we have met along the way, but in the last few weeks we have met up with, and cruised with a bunch of old friends, and some new ones. Jeff and Karen are right, "its all about the people that you meet." We are so blessed to be able to live the life we live, cruising on September Song, and the friends we make along the way.
We are anchored out tonight on Pungo Creek in North Carolina, where we anchored out during our first hurricane on September Song three years ago. I'm taking advantage of the quiet time to blog and reflect on all the good friends we have made, have had, and continue to have a great time with.

September Song (It's about the people that you meet) out

This guy needs a bigger fishing boat.

Salty, Joe and Julia's dog is too short to look over the sides, so he looks through the hawse holes. Cute!

Love the farmers markets.

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Kids will be kids!

Our good friends Jay and Nancy, made a side trip in their land yacht to be with us for a couple of days.

Thanks for making the side trip to be with us for a short visit. See you in Marathon.
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Julia, the queen of apps, outdid herself again. We had cocktail hour(s) on Sea Pearl. We never made it to dinner. Are you surprised?

Nancy explained what a fluffer does in a certain type of movie.

Next time you see Nancy, she will tell you the whole story. OMG! Only Nancy.
If you were there, Tammy, you would have peed you pants.
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When a container ship does a 180 in the channel, you get out of the way.

Peg leg Peep.

Navy ships across from our marina in Portsmouth under rehab and in dry dock.
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So many choices.

Back together again.

Our waiter and our chef from brunch yesterday joined us for a drink. "It's all about the people you meet."
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We stopped in Germany for a beer while out exploring Portsmouth.

September Song, Sea Pearl, and Tides In, docked at the free dock in Portsmouth, VA. We like free!
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Tides In finally caught up with us in Portsmouth, VA. While they were anchored out the night before, they met our cruising friends Ron and Janice on River Girl in the anchorage. Ron and Janice joined us the following night for dinner at a great restaurant in Portsmouth, and as always, when cruising friends get together, we had a great night with lots of laughs and catching up.
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When September Song, Tides In, and Sea Pearl left Portsmouth, we were in a traffic jam on the ICW. The weather has turned nice and everyone has put the pointy end South.

Ron and Janice on River Girl in the Great Bridge lock with us.

There were so many boats when we got to the Great Bridge Lock, there were several that had to wait for a second lock through. We could see from the lock that the Great Bridge free docks were already full, so I made a phone call to Atlantic Yacht Basin in Great Bridge and got the last three spots. I sure hope this huge group of boats spreads out soon.

My expert, and  so beautiful line handler
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Our great friends Dave and Penny drove over to Coinjock, where the three South bound boats were docked, and joined us for dinner. Dave and Penny sold their boat (Stormy) last year, but still remain great friends, and we get together with them whenever we come through. 

Captain Morgan isn't looking too good tonight. Too much Captain and not enough Coke.

Dinner at Coinjock. Delicious prime rib, (try the 32 oz) tons of laughs, and just a good time with great friends.

It was great to see you, Dave and Penny.
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