Saturday, April 30, 2011

Way too long!

We are at Black Point at Lorrraine's Cafe and have limited Internet and it's only taken me two hours to post the pictures. If Stephanie mixes me another Captain and Coke, I may not make it back to the boat.
See pictures below.......
Time for Lorraine's wonderful Bahamian dinner.
September Song (Time for another Captain and Coke) Out

The pigs at Staniel.

They can still swim, but haven't learned to fly.

Cocktails at Tides In.

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The check out at the "Super Market"

The bread store at Staniel.

David, our favorite bar tender at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club.

Joe and Julia on Sea Pearl at their favorite spot at the bar.
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OK guys, these are the two Hooter Girls that I met at the beach and didn't have my camera. With more on than when I met them the first time.

Sounds like we have a super market here on Staniel.

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Beach party before the bonfire tonight. Stephanie, showing me her back side. I love both sides!

Chef Nancy. Cook Jay did a beautiful job on them over the fire, but then opened the holder and dropped them into the sand. Good job Jay!

Joe and Julia set up with a fine bottle of wine and a hot dog. HMMM!
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Do you think they could get one more person into that tender. They would have more room if they didn't have a cooler full of beer.

YAY! Jay and Nancy arrived today. About time!

Just another beautiful day at the beach. Don't I just piss you off?

Even the wild chickens enjoy the beach. Fried chicken tonight!
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SHARK! Don't fall in getting into the family car.

Bread lady at the bread store. AKA her kitchen.
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Mom and Godiva playing at the beach.

Cassie, doing her thing. Fishing.

Pam and Stephen on Tides In.

Gin clear water.
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That's a 36 inch cooler, and it's full!

Proud Admiral.

She did it all by her self.
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44 inch dolphin on the way to Black Point.

Stephanie, fighting her 48 inch dolphin.

Good job Steph!
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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter from Staniel Cay

Happy Easter to all our friends back in the States. We headed out early today and had Easter Breakfast at the Yacht Club, then read our mail and now I am sitting here, Stephanie enjoying a bloody mary, and me a diet Coke. (too early to start for me) posting this blog.
(ed. note - WHAT A wuss)
OK, go get me a Captain and Coke.
We have been enjoying our time here at Staniel, going to the beach every day, snorkeling, beach bon-fires, exploring, playing at the Staniel Cay Yacht Club, and having a blast in the Islands. Our weather has been windy the last few days and will be until Wednesday, but that's OK, because we are anchored in Big Major Spot which is protected by the hills, and the beaches are protected from the wind with the hills also. Besides, we love this place!
Serendipity, WHERE IN THE HE double L are you? We are waiting!
Time to go back to September Song, pick up the girls, and go to the beach. Maybe the Hooter Girls will be there again. Read down further and you will understand.

September Song (We love Staniel) out

Happy Easter morning from the Islands. Stephanie with her blogger-in-Chief.

Our views as we travel from the anchorage

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Pam and Stephanie in front of the sign that says it all about the Islands. Seriously now, what's your hurry? Your're here!

Ragged Reef Band playing outside the Yacht Club.

Where are they?

I did meet two of them when I took the girls to the beach. Sorry guys, I didn't have my camera. They were trying to get a tan. (all over!)
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