Saturday, December 22, 2012

Still here on 12/22/2012

Well, we're still here on 12/22/2012. While the Mayan Indian was making the calender, another said to him, "the tequila is ready." He replied, "I guess if I don't finish it, it wouldn't be the end of the world." I can relate! Any excuse for a party, and that's what we did last night at Dockside Bar. We had an "End of the World Party" with some of our cruising friends.
Lots going on the last few day before several of our dock mates started leaving for the holidays. Another trip to Key West, our first best ball golf tournament, and an End of the World Party.
We will spend Christmas here at the marina with  a Christmas party/dinner with several of our cruising friends. The forecast for Christmas is 82 and clear, so we will set up tables and party outside on the dock. We usually take September Song down to Key West for our Key Weird Christmas with Doug and Tammy, (Gypsies in the Palace) but this year is Doug's 60th Birthday on the 31st, so we are going to take September Song down to Key West on the 29th, and celebrate Doug's Birthday and a Key Wild and crazy New Years. I will make sure I take lots of pictures. Should be a blast!

September Song (pass the tequila) out

Dad and his two kids riding down Duval Street in KW

Key West chickens roam the streets.

Now this is weird!

Another beautiful sunset over the harbor.
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The weather and the views in KW are great!

Now that's a big Frosty!

Rick's is our favorite spot to sit out on the street bar and people watch.

The group at the street bar.
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A must stop on the way to Key West.

Michael McCloud playing at Schooners Wharf. Can't go to KW without a stop at Schooners.

The group at Schooners enjoying our wing fix.
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The morning of our anniversary we went to the Stuffed Pig for breakfast.

Now that's a happy couple!

Another party at The Keys Fisheries with the group and some new arrivals.

Thought for a change at the Fisheries we would order a sushi boat.
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This is what we do while the Midwest is getting a snow storm. Please don't hate us!

The gang, getting together at Spark'y Landing for happy hour after golf.

Table 2. What a fun group we have.

Bill and Charlotte drove up from their home on Summerland Key to join us. They also have a boat, and were with us in the Abacos this last spring.
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The birthday boy, Jeff, and Linda, at Hurricanes.Can you believe Jeff is 71? See, I told you that everyday at sea doesn't count against you.

Any excuse for a party - a birthday will do.

The golfers leaving the marina. We picked up one more on the way and two others met us at the course for a total of nine golfers, and there will be several more when the rest of the boats arrive after the first of the year. We started this last year, and now have a best ball tournament every Wednesday. It was a real good day. MY TEAM WON!

An iguana thought it would go to the safest place on the course while we were teeing off. Don't laugh!
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Our bar here at the marina has been closed for a few days for re-construction. The bar area was sinking into the harbor. It's not the end of the world or the end of Dockside. The re-construction will be done in a few more days.

See, I told you it wasn't the "End of the World or Dockside. It's 12/22/2012 and we and Dockside are still here. They cleaned up the deck area, set up a temporary bar, opened the kitchen, had a band, and we had an 'End of the World" NOT party.

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Sunday, December 16, 2012

A Special day

All of our days together are special. but today is especially so. It's our twelfth anniversary.
I thought it would be fun to go through and pick out some special pictures from the thousands I have. Well, my first attempt I had about 150, and that was just one year. If I posted all of those, I think my blog would explode.
So many memories and so much to look forward to with my best friend, lover, partner, playmate, the beautiful admiral of our ship, and the love of my life.
I'm the luckiest man in the whole world.
Happy anniversary my love!

September Song (all our days are special) out
My life is so blessed because of you, my love.

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