Sunday, December 16, 2012

Key West Boat Parade

Yesterday was our first trip to Key West of many to come. A bunch from our marina decided to go to Key West for the boat parade and then some. We loaded up the van with seven, and others took the dollar bus down.
Our first stop had to be Schooners Wharf to replenish our liquids, and have some of our all time favorite wings.
We headed out from Schooners to see the boat parade, then on for a night of fun at Irish Keven's, and man was it fun!
After Irish Kevin's, it was time for a midnight snack at another one of our favorites, Amigo's.
Phred was our DD, and did a great job getting all the slightly inebriated cruisers back to Marathon. Thanks Phred!
Man it's great to be back in the Keys!

September Song (did I mention it's great to be back) out

There weren't many boats in the Parade, but the ones in it were spectacular. It's hard to tell from the picture, but this is a huge twin masted schooner. It was a beautiful night with temps in the 70's and clear. Notice the moon in the upper right hand corner.

The palm trees on this one were about 150 foot tall.

This cute little guy gets carried around in a baby carrier. 

The lady on the right is Debb from Marathon. She tends bar at Schooners.
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