Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's great to be back!

We left Stuart and put the pointy end South to Marathon. Our first night we anchored out in Lake Worth, one of our staging  spots for the Islands. (we will be back here in April) The next day, we poked our bow out to see how the seas were. It was a beautiful, calm, warm day on the Atlantic. It was so great to be able to do the outside to Miami, because if we had to do the ICW through this stretch, we would have to have 14 bridges open for us and most of them are timed and not on demand.
On the way to Miami, the last two hours, Stephanie said, "I can't believe your not fishing. Oh duh! After passing a boat fighting a sailfish, well, it's time to test the pole. About an hour later, FISH ON, FISH ON! I caught my first, I hope of many, mahi of the season.
We anchored out that night behind South Beach, where Stephanie's nephew Sean lives, and we met him for dinner. Great to see you Sean.
The next morning it was time to put September Song's bottom in Keys water. It was a beautiful, calm, warm day again, and it was so great to be cruising the Keys again. Yippee! It was time to put up our Conch Republic flag.
We anchored out again that night, enjoyed a delicious mahi dinner to celebrate being back in the Keys, and
the next morning, it was time for our final leg to Marathon. As we made our way into the channel at Marathon, it was like coming home. Friends saw us coming so they met us at the dock to catch our lines and welcome us back. A few hours later we were all headed to the Keys Fisheries for stone crab and a toast to the first of many sunsets in Marathon. Did I tell you, IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK IN THE KEYS!
We have been busy with fun stuff with friends, catching up on boat chores, decorating September Song for Christmas, and tonight is the Christmas boat parade. After the parade, there will be a big dock party at the Table of Wisdom here at the marina. Did I tell you, IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK!
I guess once you have caught the Keys disease, you never recover from it. Why would you!

September Song (IT'S GREAT TO BE BACK) out

Our last night in Stuart with Joe and Julia was fun, but sad because we won't see them until we cross to the Islands in April. They will be spending the holidays in NY, then back to Stuart and look for a weather window to cross to the Abacos in January where they will spend the winter.

This big guy looks like he is anchored out. NOT! He's stuck on a shoal.

We had a great weather window to cruise on the Atlantic to Miami. About two hours out of Miami, Stephanie said "why don't you throw out a line. About an hour later I had a dolphin (NO, not flipper) on. "FISH ON, FISH ON!

Ain't she beautiful. I know what we are having for dinner.
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Miami in the distance as we headed in. It was great to be able to go on the outside and miss the 14 bridges we would need to have opened, and it's so beautiful on the Atlantic. (When it's calm!)

The view coming in the inlet at Miami.

When we left Miami, we decided it was time to put up our Conch Republic flag.

Happy to be back!
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Friends met us at the dock in Marathon to catch our lines. After getting tied up, this big guy stopped by to welcome us back.

We hadn't been at our slip more than 30 minutes, and plans were made with friends to celebrate our return at the Keys Fisheries. Stephen and Pam are docked at Banana Bay, so we made plans to pick them up on the way. Pam (AKA the jello shot queen) showed up with celebratory jello shots. You are so bad!

Enjoying stone crab claws at the Keys Fisheries.

We love these little guys.
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Did I tell you we are HAPPY TO BE BACK!

The first night back wouldn't be complete without a walk up to Dockside Bar and Grill. Joe Mama was playing.

It's great to be back with our Marathon friends.
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You never know what will come by your slip. Keys people are creative when it comes to their boats.

December what? Did I tell you it's GREAT TO BE BACK! Thanks for the pool party Tom and Linda. The burgers were delicious and it was a fun day.

Did I tell you it's GREAT TO BE BACK!

I would gladly pay you next Tuesday for a hamburger today.
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A day of golf with Tom, Phred, and Richard. Did I tell you it's GREAT TO BE BACK!

Thursday night is prime rib night at Sparky's Landing in Key Colony. The best part of the night, other than enjoying it with friends, is that John Bartus, one of our favorite Keys musicians, plays there on Thursdays. It was the 31st anniversary of John Lennon's death. John did a great tribute set to John Lennon. 

That works!

Fun at Sparky's!
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