Sunday, July 18, 2010

Beaufort knows how to do it

The Beaufort Water Festival is one of Beaufort's main festivals along with the Shrimp Festival each year. It runs for ten days and they do a great job with it. These pictures are just some of the things going on during the Festival.

September Song (good job Beaufort!) out

Sunday is kids fun day with tons of stuff for the kids to do and see and it's all free. There's a teen dance tonight. I think we will pass on that one.

Don't look now little girl, but there's a big live snake on Magic Marks shoulders behind you.

Look mom, I'm flying.
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That's OK Steph, you don't need to hide your face. The free ice cream is for big kids too.
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Godiva demolishing a cup of ice cream.

Cassie being a lady about it.

Mom and Dad headed into Luther's for a couple of cold ones. Hey! It's hot out and a person needs to replenish their liquids. :-)
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That's the job I want.

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The ski show was put on by GatorLand Ski Shows. For those of you who knew me when I was living on the river, you know how much I loved to ski and try new and crazy things on the water. Would love to be out there again.

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Badminton tournament?

Hey, some people really get into this sport. They even throw their rackets.

Sailing Regatta.

More fun to do than to watch. Stephanie would love to have a little Sail Fish to play around with in the anchorages, so if you know of anyone who might have a good used one, let me know.
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Bocce tournament. Reminds me of rolly bowly. OK, it's a Belgian game with, never mind. You need to see it.

Kids fishing tournament. About 200 kids lined up on the seawall trying to catch a big one.

Come on Dad, lets go fishin!

I would just as soon play with the bait.
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The coast Guard Cutter Yellowfin came in last night for tours today.

They got a call while the ski show was going on, so they stopped the show so the Yellowfin could leave.
OOPS! They got their anchor caught on the seawall and they were stuck. For all our boating friends out there, don't feel bad about your oops's, even the Coast Guard has its moments. We just don't do it (usually)in front of around 4000 people watching us.

One bent fortress anchor, a captain's bruised pride, and an accident report he hates to fill out.
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Raft races

Cassie wishing she was out on one of the rafts, and Godiva could care less. "If they had a ball to throw I would go"
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Parris Island Marine Band concert.

Got to keep those liquids replenished in this hot weather.

We watched a great fireworks show from our upper deck.
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It's about the trip

It isn't always about the destination, but more about the trip. We are never in a hurry to get to the next destination (on a trawler you can never be in a hurry) because the trip to that destination is filled with tons of wild life and other things to see, and it's just great to be out on the water. We always love sitting back and taking it all in. The destinations are always fun to explore, but it's also about the people you meet. We have met so many new friends and interesting people along the way. People who are doing what we are doing, people who wish they could do it, and a few who just think we are crazy. I love the quote we saw while here in Beaufort. Life's journey is not to arrive at the grave in a well preserved body, but rather to skid in sideways, totally worn out, shouting "HOLY COW.....WHAT A RIDE!

September Song (WHAT A RIDE!) out

Kayakers exploring the marshlands.

Move over because he's coming through!

A pelican doing a balancing act on a channel marker

Osprey raising their young.
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Dolphin playing around in September Song's wake looking at us while we watch them.

Up, up, and away off Hilton Head Island.

Did you know that most brown pelicans die from going blind from diving for food?

Coming into Downtown Marina, Beaufort
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