Thursday, September 19, 2013

Time for you....and me to catch up!

Since we arrived back in the US from the Bahamas, I haven't posted to my blog. Yes, I got your e-mails etc. I have been posting to Facebook, (which some of you are friends with me and see my posts on a regular basis) so I thought to catch you up, I would copy a lot of my Facebook posts to my blog to catch you up with us. It's been a fun summer coming up the East Coast and in the Chesapeake and now, with the pointy end South. I didn't want to leave those of you not on Facebook with me out.

Remember, you will need to click on older posts to see them all. Go get a drink and I hope you enjoy my catch up blog posts.

September Song (time to catch up) out

Fun weekend in St. Augustine with Gypsies in the Palace, Doug and Tammy. Never a dull moment when the four of us are together.
This one is for you Doug Johnson and Barbara Johnson (Tammy). Remembering you guys and the good times we had on Ocracoke Island. We will hit them all and remember. Wishing you were here!
While in Ocracoke for three days, we rented a golf cart just for the girls. Gotta get them to the ice cream store. Are they spoiled or what! Well, I guess we will enjoy it when it comes to playtime.
For you Doug Johnson and Tammy Grady Johnson anything! You now have a full set of fancy tailgate cups. Never had so much fun getting you two a gift.
When two or more cruisers are gathered...It's time for docktails. We saw these four boats traveling together in Manteo, but never met them. They all showed up late today here in Ocracoke and we had a chance to meet them. Fun group and a fun docktail party. You just never know. One of the things we love about cruising.
Beautiful sunrise as we said good bye to Manteo, NC at first light to a beautiful day on the Pamlico Sound, headed for Ocracoke, NC in the Outer Banks. We took a shortcut through Old House Channel from Manteo after getting local knowledge from Towboat US.
You never know what you are going to see on the water.
We love stopping for a few days in a town like Manteo, NC. We got to meet up with old friends, Dave and Penny, Friday night was First Friday with all the shops open with wine and snacks and music on the street, and always one of our favorites, a great Farmers Market on Saturday Morning. It's great to see a small town doing so well, especially after what Hurricane Irene did to them. Main street had chest deep water and almost all the shops were flooded.
What a fun night with Dave and Penny Stormont (M/V Stormy..sold) catching up. Miss the fun times we had together cruising. They said to say Hi to all their cruising friends and said to look them up if ever in the Manteo area.

Beautiful sunrise over our anchorage as we left this morning for Manteo, NC. September Song didn't look so beautiful. We had a may fly hatch in the anchorage. She was covered with them! Thank goodness we noticed at dusk last night that we had a situation and closed all the screens. There were thousands of them. After we left the anchorage, Stephanie took the helm and I killed and cleaned all the way to Manteo. We got into Manteo at 11:30, and it took us till 3:30 to finish killing them and cleaning up. I have never seen anything like this before. What a mess! September Song is happy again. Stephanie says she is going to have nightmares about them.
We are at anchor again about 6 miles South of Coinjock, NC. Sure wish I could show you the pictures of the bucket of blue crabs I caught this afternoon off the swim platform, but my camera is acting up. I feel like I have lost my left arm without it. (I'm a lefty) Guess what I had for dinner. YUM! We will cruise to Manteo, NC in the Outer Banks tomorrow, be there three or four days, and meet up with cruising friends, Dave and Penny Stormont, (M/V Stormy, sold) who we cruised with a few years ago. Looking forward to seeing them again.

UPDATE....Olympus sent me a new program, Stephanie installed it, and WHOOPPEE, I'm back in business. (got my left arm back) These are the pictures I wanted to send with my earlier post.

The sun it setting on our last of a beautiful and fun four days sailing on Love Song, exploring on Half Note, playing at the beach, Cassie and Godiva chilling out in their doggy pool, and just enjoying being together in Windmill Cove off the Ware River. Love Song and Half Note are secure on the upper deck now, and tomorrow, we leave this beautiful cove and the Chesapeake and cruise for two days to the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The only thing that made this, and everything we share even better, is that I get to do it all with my best friend, Stephanie.
What do we do on a hot afternoon when the horse flies are biting us at the beach. Mom and Dad fill up our doggy pool, we put on our hat and shades and chill out. Maybe a little playtime with the ball. Is this the best dog life or what!
All the toys and children are put to bed after another fun day at anchor in Windmill Cove. Mom and Dad aren't far behind.