Saturday, June 4, 2011

Gypsies are coming, Gypsies are coming!

Today, Jesse and Brittany head home, so they had lunch with the group. Last night was a send off party at the pool. Everyone brought their favorite rum drink to share. Need I say more!
The Gypsies (Doug and Tammy) will be here in about two hours and the group will be waiting for them at the pool. You may not hear from me for a few days. We will be having way too much fun, and some of the places we are going we can't get Internet. I will post when I can.
Oh, does anyone know if there is a direct route from the Islands to the Betty Ford Clinic by boat?

September Song (see you at Nippers tomorrow) out

Jesse, showing off his Abaco crawl t-shirt. I think he hit all but three.

Two happy faces. I don't think she is really that happy, because they are headed back to the US today.
We will miss them, they were great fun.
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Cute boat kids waiting to cast off the lines

All the ladies love Ron, our dock hand.
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Eye candy for the guys at the pool.

Eye candy for the girls at the pool.

Eye candy for our four legged girls at the pool.
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Cast off the lines!

We have been here in Marsh Harbour waiting out the winds and getting ready for the Gypsies arrival on Saturday for the last five days after a stop at Hope Town, Tilloo Cay for a beach day and night time beach fire, and Pete's Pub in Little Harbour. While here in Marsh Harbour we have been enjoying our time at Harbour View Marina, with pool parties, Mangos, Snappas, Conchy Joes, The Jib Room, provisioning, (lots of beer, the Gypsies are coming. Yippee!) boat cleaning, and having fun with Jesse, Brittany, and the rest of the gang. After five days tied to a dock, we are ready to cast off the lines and go exploring with the Gypsies. First stop, a return visit to Nippers for the pig roast on Sunday, and then who knows. We have a list for the Gypsies to choose from. With Gypsies in the Palace and September Song back together again, I know it will be a blast. Sadly, we say good-bye to Jesse and Brittany. We have had a great time with them this last nine days, and we will miss our adopted kids.
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September Song (waiting for the Gypsies) out

As you enter Hope Town Harbour, the first thing you see is the lighthouse. It is still lit with kerosene and tended by Lighthouse Keepers.

They still dig foundations the old fashioned way in Hope Town.

The beaches at Hope Town.
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The houses in Hope Town are painted with all the Island colors.

I think this one needs a little paint. It's one of the early settlement houses.

From left to right, Post office, Commissioners, Police Station.
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Took the short route to Tilloo Cay. A little skinny with 1.4 feet under the keel. Didn't get a picture of the .4 feet under the keel because I was too busy looking for deeper water. No harm, no foul, no grounding.

Rub-a-dub-dub -  four Watlingtons in a tub (tender) headed to the beach.

Stephen, getting the fire ready. For those of you who know Stephen, you know it was perfectly built.
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Getting ready for another game of beach horseshoes.

Let the games begin!

Me and Jay transferring (stealing) chairs from the other abandoned camp site to the North.

What a fun place on the beach that someone has left for us.
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Another beautiful sunset from the beach at Tilloo Cay.

Hot dogs over a beach fire. YUM!

A beautiful night on Tilloo beach.

Who is that masked lady?
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Cassie and Godiva have a cute little boy next door.

Enjoying a late night at poolside.

This guy decided to join us at lunch at Pete's Pub.
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The admiral, enjoying the pool after cleaning day on September Song. Gotta get ready for the Gypsies!

Starting to get some color Brittany.

Are they enjoying themselves or what.

Swim suit with a flare

Afternoon pool time.

Evening BBQ pool side.

We do eat well! (If we look cock-eyed - we probably are!)

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Nippers is the most famous beach bar in all the Islands. Our first stop is Grabbers Sunset Beach Bar, where you park your family car (tender) at the beach and have your first taste of Guana Cay. After a couple of rum drinks to make sure you don't de-hydrate on the long walk to Nippers, you pass Milo's. Milo is the self-appointed mayor of Great Guana Cay. He sell fruits, vegetables, and all kinds of shell stuff. Next stop is Pirates Cove. Pirates Cove is a funky little tiki bar on the side of the street (if you can call it a street) where you can enjoy another cold one. Hey....It's a long walk to Nippers. We were so excited to get to Nippers, that we didn't stop at Pirates Cove and pushed on. Next you see the signs pointing to Nippers. You start up the hill past the cemetery (people who never made it all the way back from Nippers are buried there) and the old fig tree, and you are at Nippers. The first thing you see are the bright colors and the swimming (drinking) pools with hammocks. Just past that pool and up the steps is the upper pool. From there you go up the steps to the deck that overlooks the Atlantic and a fabulous beach. DANGER, DANGER ahead, there's the bar that serves Nipper punch with free floaters. A day at Nippers is like no other. Now we know why, in the song about Nippers, Barefoot Man sings about rolling down the hill. Remember, Nippers is on a hill. Well some of us who shall remain nameless now understand.
We had a great afternoon at Nippers (from what some of us remember) and this coming Sunday is the pig roast at Nippers, and we are going to take the Gypsies (Doug and Tammy) there. They fly into Marsh Harbour on Saturday, and Sunday, Nippers will be our first stop. All I can say is OMG. Lock the doors and shield the children's eyes. We haven't seen each other for months, and it could get ugly.

September Song (will we ever be the same) out

I love this picture at Grabbers.

Brittany, with her first of many rum punches on her visit to the Islands Mon.

First stop, Grabbers. Need to replenish the fluids before the long walk to Nippers. That's Jay and Nancy with our two adopted children, Jesse and Brittany.

This must be the way.
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Brittany, on the old tractor, pointing to the playpen for adults. NIPPERS!

They're not kidding!

Almost there!

It's a good thing this sign is here, or we may have. It's a long hot walk up the hill to Nippers.
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