Saturday, February 11, 2012

Me again!

Well, the fun here in Marathon continues. Superbowl party, dock parties, golf, the beach, delicious Florida seafood, great music, beautiful weather, and just having fun here in the Keys Playpen with all our cruising friends. We have also gotten tons of boat projects done, (all fun and no work or something like that) including wax on, wax off.
Some of our cruising friends have left, and more will be arriving in the next week. Jay, Nancy, William, and Judy will be here on the 15th. I know they will be ready to jump into the playpen fun when they get here!
Next Saturday, we are headed to the Miami Boat Show, where we will meet up with Doug and Tammy. Yippee! Speaking of Doug and Tammy, we are going to take September Song down to Key West for four days on March 1st, and Doug and Tammy are coming down to play with us in our favorite playground. (pray for our livers)
March 16th, my brother and sister-in-law, Ron and Rena, will be coming down for a three week vacation. Doug and Tammy will be here on the 23rd, and I'm sure Key West will be on the radar again. (more prayers for our livers please) later in the month, more of the family will be coming down, including some of the Kimbel clan. (more prayers please)
Sometime in late March, "The Bahama Bums" will start looking for a weather window to cross over to the Islands.
Whew! I'm worn out just blogging about it.

September Song (Whew!) out

Phred and Candy decided that Kim enjoyed her first cigar at Schooners in Key West, that they thought she might enjoy this magazine.

More great music at Dockside by Adrienne.

Our waitress at Dockside, showing off her tattoo.
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The winning team, again!

A view of the Marathon City mooring field from our bow on a calm morning at sunrise.
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We meet some, well, interesting people here in Marathon.

This is Fuzzy. Fuzzy lives on his sailboat here at Dockside. He never wears shoes, even on the golf course. He decided to stop and pay us a visit at one of our dock parties.What goes on behind those wild eyes?
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Another beautiful sunset at the end of another fun day.

Our weekly best ball tournament at Key Colony.

Our golf group.
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Great Island and Reggae music at the pre Super Bowl Party.

Time to set up the screen for the game. Tony, the new owner of Dockside, setting up a huge (about 8 foot by 16 foot) projection screen.

What a fun time, even though our team lost. At half time, Dockside set up a great FREE buffet.
Thanks for a great party Tony!
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A visitor to our dock. No, it's not someone's pet, they run wild in the Keys.

Can you tell who this beautiful lady is rooting for?

Phred, enjoying a jello shot at the Super Bowl Party at Dockside Bar.

Bahama Bums, Steve and Kim, in training. I think they are ready for your Bahama jello shots, Pam!
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This is our view from the upstairs tiki bar at the Keys Fisheries.

We alway seem to meet new friends at the Fisheries.
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Another boat project finished. We installed Island Time PC WI-FI on September Song. We hope it will give us more Internet connections while in the Islands.

OH YA! Time for a night at The Keys Fisheries to enjoy stone crab claws with cruising friends.

The best, and freshest in the Keys, and only $1.25  a piece.

Therese, the stone crab queen. When we go for stone crab, she can be ready in five minutes.
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Never get tired of the beautiful sunsets in the Keys.

Canadian Tom, enjoying a beer from his homeland.

We had a going away dock party for Tom and Linda. We met them last year while they were here on their boat. They enjoyed it so much here, that they drove down from Canada and spent the last two months renting homes and condos just to play with all their friends. They are headed back to Canada today.

Have a safe trip back, and we will see you next winter on your boat here in the Keys playpen. We will all miss you.
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