Thursday, January 29, 2009

New friends

Last night we were invited to a sunset cocktail party with fellow DeFever Cruisers Doug, Tammy, John and Colleen, who arrived on Gypsies in the Palace this week, along with Tide Hiker and Rickshaw. It is always great fun to get together with fellow cruisers, share stories, and enjoy a beautiful warm evening with good friends. Gypsies in the Palace plan to join us at the DeFever gathering the end of February at Cabbage Key and Useppa, then on to the Bahamas, then cruise the Caribbean for three years going as far as Venezuela. Jim and Robin, on Adventures, are expected to come in today and join the group.
A weather system is going to come through this weekend, so our plans to go to the Dry Tortugas have been moved from Monday to Wednesday of next week when the seas are predicted to calm.
Tonight the whole group is going to get together and go to the strange movie theater (table and chair seating) and see Marley and Me. Should be great fun.

New friends, Gypsies in the Palace.

Cocktail party on Gypsies in the Pa;ace.

Our new DeFever Cruisers friends
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Bob, Norm (Tide Hiker), Rick (Rickshaw)

It's a little-known rule of cruising - All men must grow beards and wear funny hats!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

1936 85 foot Trumpy

After we returned from Key West, we were treated to a tour of a 1936 85 foot Trumpy and sunset from the upper deck of the grand old lady. We have seen Trumpy's from time to time on the waterways and always wanted to be able to tour one of these rare yachts from the early days of yachting. We met the chef at sunset Sunday night, she said they were between charters and invited us for sunset and a tour of Enticer on Monday night. We were not disappointed, she was gorgeous.

September Song (back in time) out

The Enticer

Aft deck


Inside the pilot house
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Trumpy pilot house

Headed to the upper deck

My love waiting for sunset on Enticer's upper deck

Sunset from the upper deck of the Trumpy
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Monday, January 26, 2009

Key West

Today was a trip to Key West. The first stop was for our appointment at the US Customs house where we filled out the paper work and received what is called a local boaters option permit # which allows us to return to the US with September Song from the Bahamas with a phone call when we return. It's a homeland security thing. (can't wait to go!) Next stop, explore Key West. Rather than tell you all the things we did and places we went, I will just let the pictures do that.

September Song (what a fun day) out

Stephanie and Vickie with our re-entry permits for when we return from the Bahamas.

US Customs House where we picked up our permits.
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Hemingway's favorite hangout

Cool kid with dread locks.

Tourists on the Key West Conch Train.
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Lunch crew, Me and Stephanie, Norm and Vickie, and Rick and Lynnie.

Duval Street


How can you see Mon.
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Yo Ho Ho and a barrel of rum.

Southern most broken cleat

Key West kids

Big sailing vessels in the harbor.
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Yes, it is

Streets of Key West

Another popular watering hole. No bull, just The Bull.

Popular mode of transportation in Key West.
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Balcony bar at The Bull

One of the more famous, or should I say infamous bars.

Weird shoes

Ice cream, we gotta have ice cream!
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Cruise ships in for the day

Who is that guy?

Key West chickens walk, or should I say strut the streets. they are protected.

Don't get to close mister chicken, you could end up in the pot.
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Sunday, January 25, 2009

Fun with friends

We have been spending time with our DeFever Cruiser friends and having a ball. Me, Norm and Rick went fishing Saturday (sorry, no pictures) and caught a bunch of fish, but few keepers. The biggest one got away. He was huge. (even Jesus had a fish story)
Tomorrow the six of us (one in the trunk) are going to Key West. Should be fun. I will remember to bring the camera.

September Song (headed to Key West) out

A five passenger car with six people. Someone has to ride in the back

Dinner at Burdines with our friends Norm Vickie, Rick and Lynnie

Dock mates waiting for sunset to blow the horns

Clear and warm
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