Friday, June 17, 2011

Another sad goodbye

Well, we are back in the US. I would say it's great to be back, but it's not. We spent our last couple of days in the Islands visiting one of our favorite bars and a beautiful beach before saying goodbye to our beloved Islands. It has been a wonderful trip with some great cruising buddies, and we all hated to leave. When you go to the Islands, especially with your best friend and the love of your life, and great cruising friends, you fall in love all over again.
I shouldn't complain. We had a great time and we will be back next spring.
We have a lot to look forward to here in the US this year. We are headed North, hopefully to Maine with many stops along the way, including a stop in New York to see our good friends and cruising buddies Joe, Julia, and Salty on Sea Pearl, then exploring our way back South to the Keys for the winter, (a few trips to Key Weird I'm sure) then back to the Islands.
 I know I have said it before, but I love this life, and especially to be able to share it with the love of my life, my best friend, and the admiral of September Song, Stephanie. I love that lady! (ed.note - and she loves you!)
Thanks to all our Bahamas cruising friends for all the great times we had together, and the memories that will last a lifetime. We will be together again soon. Love you all!

September Song (the adventure continues) out

Dolphins saying goodbye.

Nancy, showing off our version of Wilson.

Nancy found a beautiful starfish at the beach.

Nancy and Jay making their way to the last beach day in the Islands.
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Stephen, enjoying his last day in the gin clear waters.

Our version of Wilson, left on the beach to wait for our return.

Cassie found a conch shell, drug it up out of the water, and guarded it.

Looking back at Tides In (our buddy boat and good friends Stephen and Pam) and our last sunset in the Islands before our 26 hour crossing back to the US.
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We left Half Note on the upper deck, so Pam and Stephen (great cruising friends) gave us a ride to Pineapples.

Last bar day in the Islands. Here's to you Bahamas!

Our beautiful mixologist at Pineapples.

Our great friends and cruising buddies Jay and Nancy.
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Monday, June 13, 2011

Sad goodbyes

We have had such a great time while The Gypsies (Doug and Tammy) were cruising with us this last week. We probably had way too much to drink and way to much fun, but we don't get to see them that often, so we cram as much fun into the little time we have together.
It's always sad when they have to go, but we look forward to the next time, where ever that will be.

September Song (miss you guys!) out

A last afternoon around the pool before Doug and Tammy had to leave.

Happy girl!

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Conchy Joe's, one of our favorite places in Marsh Harbour to get cracked conch. Just a barge on the water, but what great seafood Miriam puts out.

Cleaning the conch for our cracked conch. (deep fried conch bits)

Oh Ya!

Couldn't let Doug and Tammy go home without getting some of Conchy Joe's cracked conch and trigger fish. Even better poolside
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Rake and Scrape. a Bahamian band that was great.

The only instruments were saws and knives. You couldn't sit still when they played.

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That's cheating!

Now that's how you do it. Set at 12 inches. No I didn't try it. If I did, you wouldn't get a picture of it.

Now that's a lovely pair of coconuts!
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This one was for you Stephen. The orangutan dance.

Now that's a big curly tail on the wall at Curly Tails.

I don't thing we have had drinks with little umbrellas in them in the Islands before. The drink was called the tail curler. Sure made our tails curl!
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Do you think they could get one more person into that tender?

On the way to Cracker P's in the family car.
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Cracker P's with The Gypsies

This is the photo that was taken of us enjoying drinks and lunch just before the lady at the end of the bar passed out. No, not too much to drink, I'm talking about out and not breathing. Doug and Tammy are trained first responders and went over to do what they could. Doug was getting ready to start CPR and she started to breath again. Good to know they were there! A call went out on the radio and there was no one to help on the Island. They needed to load her on a tender and drive her about ten miles to Marsh Harbour. Don't know how it all turned out, but it makes you aware of how little emergency help is in the Islands.

Our bar tender is the daughter of the Lighthouse Keeper who gave us all the great information and stories about the Hope Town Lighthouse

I don't know who these people are, just another couple we met in the bar, happy to be in the Islands.
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